Elections 2021: Florencio Randazzo managed to enter the Chamber of Deputies after exceeding the minimum floor in the final count

Florencio Randazzo, when voting in Chivilcoy.

Florencio Randazzo will finally be a national deputy. It is that in the final count that the National Electoral Justice has been carrying out the candidacy of the Peronist leader for the Vamos Con Vos coalition it managed to surpass the minimum floor of 386,646 votes, equivalent to 3% of the registry of the province of Buenos Aires.

For the former Minister of the Interior and Transport, the alliance of José Luis Espert, Avanza Libertad, would lose one of the three seats that the provisional count had attributed to him, so they will only be in the enclosure as of December 10, in addition from the economist, Carolina Píparo. The one affected by the count would be the third in the list, Hugo Bontempo, who is also president of the Buenos Aires UCEDÉ, which would not have a bank.

In the November 14 elections, Randazzo had been in fourth place, and although he had added about 60,000 votes, he was left with 383,000 votes, about 4,000 less than required. In front of the Peronist leader were the coalitions of Together and All Front, with 15 seats each, Avanza Libertad, which finally has two, as well as the Left Front, which will also have a couple of representatives in the hemicycle.

According to the data to which he had access Infobae, in the First Electoral Section, Randazzo obtained 125,014 votes; in the Second, 16,852; in the Third 136,693; in the Fourth, 22,605; in Quinta 46,879; in the Sixth 15,633; in the Seventh 7,085 and in the Eighth, 17,716 votes. Abroad and deprived of liberty, more than 650 votes were added. Thus, according to these data, Randazzo managed to overcome the floor of 386,646 and secured a place in Deputies.


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