Electronic Arts hacked, many source codes for sale on the dark web

Electronic Arts has suffered quite a bit of piracy. If user data does not appear to be compromised, hackers have recovered many source codes including that of Fifa 21 is currently for sale.

Video game publishers are regularly the target of piracy. We can cite for example CD Projekt, studio behind Cyberpunk 2077, who suffered the same kind of attack a few months ago. These publishers have data that big potential customers love: source codes, internal documents or the personal or banking information of users …

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May the players be reassured, none of their data leaked and, following the hack, EA has done what is necessary to close the loophole and announces that it does not expect any consequences on their games or their business.

780 GB of hacked data

If Electronic Arts did not communicate on the date or extent of the hack, an IT security professional sent a dark web link to our colleagues at Gizmodo. The advertisement for the sale of the collected information makes it possible to learn a little more.

We discover that the entire FIFA 21 code as well as the Frostbite engine are available. Many tools related to FIFA 22 or other games are also part of the leak. Accumulated, ce are 780 GB that the hackers recovered from EA’s servers.

Given the target of the ad, “only serious buyers with a good reputation, the rest will be ignored”, it seems obvious that the main motive is financial. This kind of information can make a lot of money.

The dark web

The dark web is a hidden part of the internet, which is not indexed by search engines and which requires the use of special protocols to access it. It is therefore almost impossible to find your way around by accident..

It is often associated with all illegal transactions because it contains drugs, weapons, hacking tools, pirated data or even prohibited media (terrorist propaganda, prohibited pornography, etc.). But there are also perfectly legal media and works that have been hidden to escape censorship.

Source : gizmodo

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