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Elena Padikkal shines as a newlywed in a dark maroon Kanchipuram sari. The sari was designed by friend and designer Arya Nair. The initials (A, R) in the names of Elena and Rohit are used for the design of the sari.

Elena’s father’s and mother’s greetings were also included in the last part of the tooth. Amma Bindu was calling Arya directly. So Elena is looking forward to her wedding day.


Love You so much

Appa and Amma will miss You a lot. Always be happy dear

Philipose Padikkal & Bindu ‘- was the greeting.


Elena wanted something special. After much discussion, it was decided that the initials of the name could be used. The border of the sari is designed to incorporate peacock shapes.


” There was a lot of discussion about what color and design should be. Eventually it went ahead with a dark maroon color. There were also various suggestions on designs. It was finally decided that the initials of their names could be used. All discussions were over the phone. This was of great concern to us. The sari took 25 days to complete. It usually takes longer than this. But with the marriage approaching and the Kovid crisis looming, it was being completed as soon as possible, ”said Arya Nair.


The blouse for the wedding was designed by Tanus Bridal Boutique of Sameera Shaiju, who designed the dress for Elena’s engagement. The same fabric of the sari was used. The main attraction of the blouse is the antique shade handwork. The net is used on the back. This design features a king riding a horse and Ranji riding a palanquin on his back. This film is a beautiful love story. Elena and personal stylist Nitin Suresh decided to incorporate this design on the back of the blouse. 10 people worked to make the blouses. It took about 90 hours.


Celebrity makeup artist Alina Joseph designed Elena for her wedding day. Sudhi is the hairstyle. Drishya Sasidharan dropped the sari.


Elena Padikkal and Rohit Pradeep were married on August 30 in Kozhikode. Married for 7 years.

English Summary : Details of Alina Padikkal’s wedding look


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