Eleven fans of tuning and thrills denounced

The Valais police carried out an operation two weeks ago to fight against noise and dangerous behavior.

Image d’illustration.

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Image d’illustration.

On Friday evening May 28, 2021, the Valais cantonal police, in collaboration with the Road Traffic and Navigation Service, carried out several targeted checks in Upper Valais. Police said in a statement Friday that the operation focused on dangerous road behavior, disturbing public peace and on the phenomenon of “tuning”.

Eleven offenders were reported. The police carried out checks in various places in Haut-Valais between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. The experts from the Traffic and Navigation Service focused on the technical aspects as well as on noise.

Eleven offenders were denounced following dangerous, noisy or demonstrative road behavior such as “turning the wheels in place” or excessive acceleration. Several infringements concerning the technical aspect of vehicles were also recorded.

During the operation, a student motorbike driver distinguished himself in the city of Brig by riding on the rear wheel. Later, in the same locality, he struck the back of a car waiting in front of a crosswalk to let a person cross. The motorcycle rider was slightly injured and taken by ambulance to hospital. His license was seized from him on the spot. The Valais cantonal police indicate that they will continue to carry out checks “which are intended to be preventive but also repressive with regard to users who endanger the safety and tranquility of all”.

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