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You can see a baby ant all over the world buying likes and applause. The baby, who arrived with his parents at a snow resort in Beijing ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, has become a star on the internet with his ghostly performance. Those who saw the video rewinded it again. They also watched it in slow motion … whether it was an original video or a camera game.

No tricks. This is the amazing performance of an eleven month old girl named Wang Yuji. At the age when he had to learn to walk on the pitch with his feet on the ground, Yuji’s legs were fixed on the skating board. Yuji’s skating debut will take place at the Snow Resort ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. Knowing more about Yuji’s father and mother would not cast doubt on her performance.

In our country, some people are described as those who reach the place where the stick falls on the ground. Yuji’s parents are pretty much the same. Where there is sports, there will be them. When they arrived at the Snow Resort, they decided to go skating. The baby skating board saw Yuji thinking about what to do. She also skates because she wants her baby to be interested in sports. All safe with full proof protection even if she falls on the pitch. Anyway, 11-month-old Wang Yuji is still waiting to break the Guinness World Record for skating in the snow, but now she’s gone south to the hearts of millions.


English Summary : 11 month old baby snowboarder sweeps internet in China


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