Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero, Durango deputy, died

Through social networks, yesterday afternoon the death of the local deputy for the XII District of Durango was confirmed, Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero, due to complications with COVID-19

It was on the Durango state Congress page that it was announced that the Morena party member lost her life at age 57.

“Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero belonged to the Education Commission in the state of Durango, taking part in efforts in favor of this sector rest in peace.”

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For his part, the state governor, José Ángel Rosas Aispurro Torres, lamented the death of the also a science teacher.

“My condolences for the sensitive death of the deputy, Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero. Today we bid her farewell, wishing for her eternal rest and strength for her loved ones ”.

Who was Elia del Carmen Tovar?

Deputy Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero presented the reform initiative to the Education Law for the State, the purpose of which was to include road safety education as part of the development of children and young people in Durango.

He also proposed the initiative to reform the State penal code to toughen the punishment for those who use acid to harm a person and promoted the initiative to promote positive parenting and prohibit the use of corporal punishment as corrective or disciplinary methods for minors.

In his pronouncements, he argued that it was necessary to guarantee the rights and health of women through the reforms to the Federal Political Constitution that are promoted in the Chamber of Deputies.

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Deputy Elia del Carmen Tovar Valero belonged to the Commissions of Public Education, Human Rights, Social Development, Attention to disabled people, Terminally ill and the Elderly; of Gender Equality, Youth and Sports and was also a member of the Culture Commission in Congress.

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