Elio Di Rupo: “We hope to be able to give dates in a fortnight or so to reopen certain activities”

The Walloon Minister-President announces that a schedule of reopening for certain sectors should be available within two weeks.

Posted 01/8/2021 at 08:58 AM

By Belga and The reaction

Jhe thinks that the Prime Minister will perhaps try to give us an appointment in 15 days, because at that time, we will have the effects of the returns from vacation, and we will see more clearly ”declared on the airwaves by Bel RTL Elio Di Rupo this Friday morning, a few hours before the next Concertation Committee.

If the figures for contamination and hospital admissions continue to drop, it seems too early to consider any easing, especially since some European countries have again stepped up their measures. The sectors affected by the closure of their activity have however stepped up this week to demand a reopening, or at the very least that their situation be discussed on Friday, in particular the contact professions (hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.)

“I fear that the situation remains relatively bad even if we remain optimistic” admitted Elio Di Rupo.

The Walloon Minister-President “hopes that we will have a program for the next few weeks, to try to see if at the beginning of February we can open such and such an activity. I think the Prime Minister will perhaps give us an appointment later in two weeks, so we will see the effects of returning from vacation. “

“We hope to be able to give dates to reopen certain activities in a fortnight. We will examine this very carefully, ”he concludes.


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