Elizabeth Gutiérrez defended William Levy from attacks for their alleged separation

Elizabeth Gutiérrez called for the attacks against William Levy and his children to stop (Photo: Instagram @_elizabethgutierrez)

In the midst of the controversy over the supposed separation between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrezthe actress released a statement in defending of the father of her children, asking that they stop the attacks towards him and his offspring.

Through a publication on her Instagram account, Elizabeth Gutiérrez broke the silence about what has been happening within her family after the strange announcement that William Levy launched, making public that she they would divorce.

In a text shared by the actress, she asks the public to stop criticizing your familyWell, only they know what is happening in their relationship, as well as defending the Cuban and thanking him for how he has been as a father.

Gutiérrez began by explaining that for his sons It is difficult to face this situation, in which the relationship between his two parents has been exposed, but mainly because the minors would be being attacked due to the remarks that the public has made.

Elizabeth accompanied her message with this photo (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)
Elizabeth accompanied her message with this photo (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

“Lately and for obvious reasons we have been a point of discussion, of insinuations, of assumptions. Even coming to attack my children and making reference and questioning their personalities and values!! William and I have raised our children with love and respect always!! teaching them the best we could as parents”

A full family photo accompanies your release; William, her and her two children pose in front of a mountainous landscape, smiling and united.

The message continues with Elizabeth’s words in support and defense of the actor. She did not clarify if it is true that they separated, because only thanked his work as a father and husbandas well as I wish him well. He clarified that it is not pleasant for her to see the criticisms that were launched against him, because she considers him “the most important man”.

I will always thank you for supporting me. and keep supporting so I can stay home and watch and be there for my kids… There is no culprit in this situation!!! I’m not happy about attacks on his person… I don’t appreciate it!! He is the father of my children, the most important man!! He, who looks after our well-being… every day… I always wish the best for him… love… good health, happiness… with or without me”, it reads.

William Levy announced his separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez through Instagram and then deleted the publication (Photo: Instagram/@willevy @gutierrezelizabeth_)
William Levy announced his separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez through Instagram and then deleted the publication (Photo: Instagram/@willevy @gutierrezelizabeth_)

And it is that, after the protagonist of woman-fragranced coffee shared in his instastories that he and his wife they had decided to end their marriagethe same ad that was later removed, Internet users recovered the times in which Rumors arose that the actor allegedly had been unfaithful.

Levy, for his part, denied the accusations and said that he would not accept talking about his family or being offended by such rumors.

Elizabeth’s statement ends by assuring that they will no longer expose what is happening in their marriage, because they hope to stop being “a point of attack”. Likewise, he pointed out that his version of the events will remain theirs.

“It is not an easy situation to be exposed and to be listening to different versions and being a point of attack… only he and I know everything that we have been through… our truth as a couple… and that is where it will stay… with us!!”

Hundreds of celebrities and fans of the American celebrated her words and sent her messages of support. For its part, William Levy has not returned to give statements about your divorce or your family.


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