Ellen Pompeo’s daughter complains that the little brother “tests” her in a cute video

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Ellen Pompeo’s 5-year-old daughter, Sienna May, had it with her little brother Eli.

In an enchanting video the star “Grey’s Anatomy” shared on Instagram this weekend, Sienna May tells her mother that 3-year-old Eli “put her patience to the test” while the family was together during the coronavirus pandemic was quarantined.

The video shows the pre-mature little girl who looks adorable with her curly hair and cute rainbow t-shirt and calmly tells her mother that Eli is “so annoying”.

“He tests me again and again,” explains Sienna May and sounds as rational as an adult.

“Who tests you again and again?” Pompeo asks off-screen.

Celebrities at the Los Angeles Clippers Game (Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images)
Celebrities at the Los Angeles Clippers Game (Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images)

“Eli. He keeps testing me,” Sienna May answers. “Even when I was 4, he keeps testing me. Even now that I’m 5, he still tests me. So he tests me every day.”

“What should we do about it?” Pompeo asks her little girl.

“We should split up,” Sienna May says with her mother’s approval.

Pompeo has given the cute video “Social distancing 101 from Sienna May ???? # micdrop” a title.

The actress’s fans went to the comment section to rave about her daughter.

“She is my new favorite. Forever,” wrote one.

“How can someone be so adorable?” asked another.

Pompeo, who has been Dr. Meredith Gray plays, shares Sienna May, Eli and her big sister Stella Luna, 10, with her husband, music producer Chris Ivery. The couple made a covenant in 2007.

We hope to see more of Sienna May and her siblings soon!


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