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Tesla plans to start production of the pickup truck “Cybertruck” featuring a squishy stainless steel body in 2022, but CEO Elon Musk said that the first commercial version has four motors and a four-wheel steering mechanism ( We announced on Twitter that it will be equipped with AWS).

Each of the four motors has an independent ultra-fast response torque control that “turns like a tank and can run diagonally like a crab,” the CEO said.

Speaking of electric pickup trucks equipped with AWS, I immediately remember GMC’s “Hummer EVAnd Chevrolet have announced their premiere at CES 2022.Silvarado“And so on. Rivian also uses the “R1T” to move forward on one side of the tire, move backward on the other side, and turn around on the spot. “Tank Turn“Equipped with functions, these functions greatly contribute to the improvement of the maneuverability of the already big pickup truck.

In October, Tesla temporarily removed the Cybertruck specifications and prices posted on its website. Those wishing to purchase a pickup truck with this distinctive design can first pay a $ 100 deposit to Tesla and confirm the order at the start of production next year. However, if you want a 2-motor version, you have to wait until the production of the early 4-motor version settles down after the sale starts.

In addition, Tesla’s Japanese site also has a Cybertruck page, and advance reservations are possible if you pay 15,000 as a reservation fee. However, Cybertruck has a total width of 2037 mm and a total length of 5885 mm. This is about two times larger than Toyota’s pickup truck “Hilux”. If you get lost in a narrow alley or a rural road in Japan, you may get stuck even if you make full use of tank turns and crab running.

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