Email marketing is now also a collateral damage of Apple’s privacy changes

When Apple rolled out the changes to the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS, it was clear that they were going to have an impact on online advertising. The change promised to improve consumer privacy, giving them more tools to limit who followed their online browsing, which led to websites not being able to follow them and therefore checking how they reacted to ads.

The results that this change is having is being seen since they are being disastrous for the advertising industry. Facebook was one of the harshest critics against the measure and, from the outset, analysts pointed out that it would be one of the main victims. It is being, according to market estimates, one of those who are losing the most money with these adjustments. The problem is not only in them, but it is general for the entire online advertising industry.

And, the truth is that the impact of these measures not only affects ads, but more elements of marketing and advertising. Email marketing will be another of the great collateral damage of the privacy measures implemented by Apple.

End of measurement from mobile

From September 20, Apple began to update their mobile devices to iOS 15, as you recall in AdExchanger. This update will mean an increase in privacy measures and in the protection of consumer data. “iOS 15 will certainly move things for marketers around the world if they are not prepared,” acknowledges the US media Will Crocker Hay, vice president of consumer marketing and partner of Braze.

The launch of this update has been a bit blurred by the fact that Apple just presented, just last week, an avalanche of news. However, the change is going to be notable and will make measuring the ROI of email marketing much more difficult.

One of the features is the so-called “email privacy protection”. Thus, systems that use pixels embedded in the mail to collect information about what happens to that mail will stop working. They will no longer be able to collect data.

All this will make many of the elements that function as a guide to understand what happens become obsolete: as indicated in MarketingProfs, measuring openings to determine success will become irrelevant.

Taking into account also that the access from the mobile to the mail is more and more common and that certain types of messages – basically, most of the email marketing – we tend to look at it ‘on the go’, not having data of what happens in the smartphones is a major drag.

Does the solution to the problem exist?

Email marketing is one of the marketers’ favorite systems to connect with the consumer, since it offers results and generates data. Getting this data out of the equation is a problem and one that marketers need to work on. While waiting for alternative avenues to emerge or other audience tracking models to take hold, marketers need to focus on other areas.

As they explain in MarketingProfsIt is time to focus on the content, which is what can still be controlled and what can guarantee those openings. You have to test more and better the subjects and develop better bodies of the message. You also have to work the databases (purging the mailing lists of those that are not really important) or recalibrate the workflows.

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