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Emmanuel Macron asks for “neither complacency”, “nor inquisition”

No mea culpa, no decided position. On the Hulot affair, Emmanuel Macron once again shows himself a follower of “at the same time”. While the executive is embarrassed by the multiple accusations of sexual assault and rape targeting the former minister of ecological transition, Nicolas Hulot, the head of state gave his opinion on this sensitive subject, during the council ministers, Wednesday 1is December, according to comments revealed by The Parisian and RTL, confirmed at World.

“The government’s position on this subject is constant. We will never accept a society of opacity or complacency. And we don’t want an Inquisition society either ”, said the President of the Republic, during this meeting behind closed doors, according to participants, six days after the broadcast of six testimonies of women, including four, on November 25, in the program “Special Envoy”, on France 2, implicating Nicolas Hulot. All say they were sexually assaulted by the environmental activist. What he categorically denies and urged him to leave ” definitively “ public life.

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The Head of State, who will therefore have taken six days to react, therefore defends on the one hand the approach of these women, who have chosen to speak out in order to put in the public place facts that would have taken place between 1989 and 2001. “It is necessary that the voice of women is freed and it is very good that it is freed”, thus judged Mr. Macron. “The challenge is to facilitate and support the release of speech, the collection of complaints, the efficiency of justice. We have done a lot for this, and we will continue to act resolutely in this direction ”, he continued.

Preliminary investigation for “rape” and “sexual assault”

On the other hand, Mr. Macron therefore recalls “Not wanting a society of the inquisition”, in order to vouch for the principle of the presumption of innocence. Comments in line with those made by the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti. “Justice does not go on television sets or on social networks”, he declared, on November 25, on LCI, recalling that it is up to the judicial institution of “To render decisions of guilt or innocence”. And not under the influence of emotion. The next day, the multiple accusations against Mr. Hulot led to the opening of a preliminary investigation for “rape” and “sexual assault” by the Paris prosecutor’s office, in order to “Determine whether the facts denounced can characterize a criminal offense” and whether they remain prescribed.

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