Emmanuel Macron’s ecological agenda hit by the health crisis

Activists are participating in the artist’s Inside Out project, on the eve of the Citizen’s Climate Convention on March 5 in Paris. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

The end of the world will wait. In theory, the citizens’ convention for the climate, set up by Emmanuel Macron, in October 2019, was to complete its work this weekend, Sunday, April 5. But the containment of the population, decided to fight the epidemic of Covid-19, prevents the 150 citizens drawn by lot who compose it from meeting one last time at the Palais d’Iéna, in Paris, in the premises of the Economic Council , social and environmental (EESC). However, they had to vote on the cocktail of measures they intend to propose to the French in order to combat global warming.

The head of state undertook to submit them “Without filter” referendum, before the Parliament, or to take them up again by ordinance. “We hope that the convention can meet again in June”, underlines one of its promoters.

A videoconference still had to be organized, Friday April 3 and Saturday April 4, to work, it is said, “On the economic and social impacts of the health crisis”. Because the post-crisis, in the minds of many, has already started. And some fear that the ecology, erected as a priority at the end of the five-year term by the President of the Republic, is the victim.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Nicolas Sarkozy, who had set up the Grenelle Environment Forum after his election, had brushed this issue aside. ” The environment (…) it starts to do well “he said in 2010 as the economy just started to recover. A decade later, this episode is in everyone’s mind. “The end of the 2008 crisis is a counterexample, it was a missed opportunity to accelerate the ecological transition”, estimated the minister of ecological and united transition, Elisabeth Borne, on March 27, in an interview with Franceinfo. “Ecology must be at the heart of recovery after this crisis”, she added.

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No way, however, to launch ball in the lead on the subject, while France continues to count its dead. “We are more than 100% on crisis management”, we assure those around the minister, who highlights the need to take a “Evaluation time” before articulating environmental ambitions. “We are unable to say whether, at the end of the crisis, it will be the Crazy years, with a desire to reconnect with consumption, or the great turning point of sobriety. This is something to take into account. “

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