employees without a health pass will be able to “take RTT or vacation”, according to Borne

An amendment to the bill will be introduced tomorrow in order to “find solutions for employees,” said the Minister of Labor on BFMTV.

Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne said on Tuesday that employees who would find themselves without sanitary pass in positions where it will be compulsory from the end of August will be able to “Take RTT or days off”.

“We will introduce tomorrow (Wednesday) by government amendment in the discussion of the bill” at the National Assembly “The possibility for the employee to agree with his employer to take RTT or days off” and the possibility “To agree on another assignment, in a place” where the employee will not be “Not subject to health pass”, declared Élisabeth Borne on BFMTV. For the Minister, “The objective is really that we find solutions for the employees”. “We listened to the trade unions” and “We will complete” bill Wednesday, she said.

In this bill, “We have introduced a new procedure” from “Suspension of the employment contract, obviously without remuneration, and as soon as the employee has a valid health pass, then we can reverse this suspension”, she recalled. The suspension of the employment contract may be extended for two months and then either the employer and the employee “Agree to continue this suspension of the employment contract, or the employer can initiate the disciplinary procedure which applies when a vaccination obligation is not fulfilled, that is to say a warning, a layoff and it can go as far as dismissal “, detailed the minister. “It leaves time for the employee to convince himself of the importance of being vaccinated and I am really convinced that this will essentially be what will happen”, she estimated.

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“Dismissal for personal reasons”

If there is a dismissal, it will be “Dismissal for personal reasons”, she clarified. “It is a real and serious cause of not being able to do your job in the end, since you cannot stay at your workplace”, but this dismissal will be “With all the guarantees of the procedure provided for in this case and with severance pay for the employee”, she added.

Regarding the controls of health passes, “As for customers”, the employer will be “Responsible for controlling the sanitary pass” of the employee, she underlined. “Verification is simple”, she judged, with “Applications” allowing to “See the state of the health pass, to know if it is valid or not”.

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