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World leaders began sending this Thursday the end-of-year messages, in which they highlighted the “severity” of the covid-19 pandemic and the challenges that 2021 will bring to their countries. This is what they said:

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Emmanuel Macron, President of France

French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed this Thursday in his message of
end of the year that, even after ‘Brexit’, the UK will remain a “friend and ally” of France.

“The United Kingdom is still our neighbor but also our friend and ally. This choice to leave Europe, this ‘Brexit’, was the child of European unrest and
of many lies and false promises, “said the head of state in a speech broadcast on television.

On the other hand, He also promised that he will not allow an “unjustified slowness” in the vaccination campaign against covid-19 in France, which ends
to start and has been criticized for being too slow.

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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed, in his New Year’s message, their “confidence” that 2021, the year in which the ‘Brexit’ becomes effective, it will bring to this country “freedom to do things differently”, although it also warned that there are still “hard weeks and months” of pandemic.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

In a recorded statement, the Conservative leader stated that “2020 was the year the government was forced to tell people how to live their life, how long to wash their hands, how many households could meet. And a year in which we lost too many loved ones before their time. ”

But before saying goodbye to the “severity” that 2020 has brought, Johnson also reminds the population that this “was also the year in which we rediscovered a spirit of unity, of community” in the response to the pandemic.

“It has been a year in which we gave cacerolazos to celebrate the courage and sacrifice of the employees of the NHS (health service) and of the carers. A year in which workers kept the country going in the face of its greatest crisis in generations: shop assistants, transport employees, pharmacists, emergency services, “he stressed. A year that also saw” a renewed spirit of volunteering, with people distributing food to the elderly and vulnerable. “

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Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

The “historic” crisis of the coronavirus will continue to be present in 2021, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Thursday in her end-of-year message, in which she defended that the vaccine brings “hope.”

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Markus Schreiber. Ivy

“These days and weeks (…) are difficult times for our country. And it will last a long time like this,” The CDU leader said in her last year-end speech, before leaving her post in autumn 2021. “This winter continues to be a difficult time,” added Merkel, who said the pandemic represents a “historic crisis.”

For months considered Europe’s privileged student in the management of COVID-19, Germany is now facing an aggressive second wave and adopted a new partial lockdown at least until January 10.

“The challenges posed by the pandemic remain immense,” the Chancellor insisted, thanking the majority of Germans for having respected social distancing measures to curb the virus.

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Pope Francisco

Pope Francis thanked health personnel and teachers for their work during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, in a homily that was read by an Italian cardinal, who replaced him at the end of the year mass in the Vatican, as the pontiff suffers from painful sciatica.

The Supreme Pontiff had planned to preside over the end of the year mass this Thursday at the Vatican, but finally he was replaced by Cardinal Giovanni Battista, who read the homily that Jorge Bergoglio had prepared, in which the pontiff thanked the work
of people who have worked for others in 2020.

“Health workers – doctors, nurses, volunteers – are on the front line, and for this they are always in our prayers and deserve our gratitude, as well as many priests, men and women religious. But tonight our gratitude goes out to all those who strive every day to bring their family and their service to the common good in the best possible way.“wrote Bergoglio.

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Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin.



Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged in his year-end speech that a second wave of the coronavirus is shaking Russia. “Unfortunately, we have not yet stopped the epidemic. The fight against the epidemic does not stop for a minute,” he said.

Putin congratulated both outgoing US President Donald Trump and his elect Joe Biden on the New Year, with whom he hopes to forge a constructive relationship. The Russian president wished Trump and his family “health, strength of spirit and well-being” on the occasion of Christmas, which is celebrated in Russia on January 7, and the New Year.

In his Christmas message to Biden, Putin stressed that the challenges humanity faced in 2020 “confirmed the need for broad international cooperation.” And he expressed the assurance that both countries can “do much to strengthen stability and security at the regional and global levels.” provided that relationships consider mutual interests.


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