Enemies in a Blanket, Irvan’s Strict Strategy Makes Mama Rosa covered in blood? Bond of Love October 15, 2021

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond, 15 October 2021, again greeting the audience tonight starting at 19.45 WIB (if there is no change in broadcast hours).

The following is an explanation of the snippet video Love Bond which will show today.

In addition, this article also contains a review of last night’s episode and predictions for the story in the next episode of the soap opera Love Bond.

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In the teaser video Love Bond today uploaded to the Instagram account @ikatancinta.mncp showing the scene of Andin’s meeting, Aldebaran, Mama Rosa and Irvan who is developing a strategy to trap the perpetrators terror named Iqbal.

Set in the living room of Pondok Pelita, it looks Aldebaran which assumes the strategy just presented Irvan.

However, it was not stated what kind of strategy was said Irvan in that conversation.

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Possibility, Irvan would suggest that Mama Rosa went alone to Cassowary Park to meet Iqbal.


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