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Enrique Moradiellos enters the Royal Academy of History




Enrique Moradiellos (Oviedo, 1961), Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Extremadura, entered the
Royal Academy of History
to fill the vacancy of the medal No. 31, produced by the death of
Faustino Menéndez-Pidal de Navascués
. His candidacy was presented by academics Carmen Sanz Ayán, Juan Pablo Fusi and Luis Antonio Ribot. Moradiellos was elected on November 20, 2020.

His entrance speech, which was answered by Fusi, was titled ‘Quo vadis, Hispania? Winston Churchill and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) ‘. The historian warns that, «for almost a whole triennium, between the months of July 1936 and April 1939, Spain and its role in the unstable European scene that preceded the Second World War they went for Winston Churchill (1874-1965) a constant focus of attention and growing concern ».

With archival contributions and support in the correspondence and articles of Churchill himself on the subject, Moradiellos defined the complex and subtle criteria that led to Britain to keep the neutrality, confine the war in Spain as much as possible, develop a dislike for the republican cause, which, for the president, then in opposition, was the result of a communist subversion, and to contemplate the Franco victory as a lesser evil for their interests, with special attention to Gibraltar.

According to the new academic of History, «during the fratricidal contest that faced the republican government and the insurgent forces commanded by Franco, precisely because of its unexpected dissolving impact on the European and world context, Churchill had to face the question that also gripped other British political leaders during that critical war situation: Where are you going, Spain?

As a result of that persistent attention, the war in Spain (in his words: the ‘Spanish ulcer’) was for him the main or exclusive reason for no less than ten newspaper articles, a minimum of six speeches in parliament or in public stands, and dozens of letters and personal notes.

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