Epic Games and Valve cancel live video game tournaments in 2021

Epic Games has canceled all of their in-person events from Provided in 2021 for the coronavirus pandemic. Although the situation is expected to be controlled in the coming months thanks to vaccines, video game tournaments and other shows still have an uncertain future in 2021, so Epic will hold tournaments exclusively online. “Our intention is to hold face-to-face tournaments around the world when circumstances allow, but for now, our priority is the safety of our players and staff. With so much uncertainty about which activities are practical and safe and which are not, we have decided not hold any in-person events in 2021, including the Fortnite World Cup. We will continue to host online competitions throughout 2021 until we can re-host face-to-face events, one way or another, in the future. We hope it can be soon “comments the developer of the popular battle royale free.

It is not the only tournament that falls from current plans. Valve planned to hold a spring tournament Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but according HTLV yes I will not celebrate “until events are safe around the world”. The next tournament of CS:GO It will be held in the fall of 2021, but it is still in time to be canceled as the year progresses.

COVID-19 is a real threat

Coronavirus infections and deaths are still very important throughout the West, and in some countries this so-called “second wave” is reaching record highs, as in the United States. Nobody wants to risk this type of massive events and in 2021 we could lose the main video game fairs again, something that happened this 2020 with E3, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show – two of them converted exclusively to online format.


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