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Epic Games Store Celebration Day 11: Control

The Epic Games Store New Year Gifts Marathon continues.

Day 11 (December 26): The year is coming to an end, and the distribution of gifts in the Epic Games Store is only gaining momentum, trying to “recoup” for the entire year, which is rather meager at the level of gifts. From today until tomorrow evening, you can pick up one of the most valuable and attractive gifts in EGS in the three years of this service’s existence – Control from the studio Remedy.

Control is a mystical action game in which we need to figure out what kind of paranormal devilry is going on in the Bureau – an organization engaged in research in the field of supernatural phenomena.

Control was released in the summer of 2019 and received very high user ratings.

Day 10 (December 25): Even when a leak about the upcoming New Year’s distribution of games in the Epic Games Store just appeared on the Web, the author of the leak mentioned that Prey (2017) will be presented in the store at Christmas (according to the Gregorian calendar). And so it happened: until tomorrow night, you can receive as a gift this is a wonderful project, favored by critics and players.

Prey (2017) is a futuristic action game with puzzle and horror elements, in which we have the role of Morgan Yu, who finds himself on a research space station, captured by Typhons – alien creatures that can take the form of anything, and clearly intend to attack Earth. To stop the alien threat, Morgan himself will have to partially become an alien, having studied their supernatural abilities.

Day 9 (December 24): The gigantic distribution of games on the Epic Games Store continues. Today the offer has been updated, so that until tomorrow evening everyone will be able to pick up Pathfinder Kingmaker, and even in the Enhanced Plus edition.

Pathfinder Kingmaker is a fantasy RPG game, the authors of which, the guys from the Moscow studio Owlcat Games, were inspired by the immortal classics like Baldur’s Gate, Arcanum, Fallout and Neverwinter Nights. The game was released in 2018 and received mostly positive user reviews.

Day 8 (December 23): Usually Epic Games gives out frank “illiquid” and other perennial deadwood as gifts in its store, however, at the festive distribution, the company, apparently, decided to recoup for the whole year, providing players with a lot of very worthy offers. From today until tomorrow evening, everyone can take away the role-playing project for eternal use. Vampire from the creators of Life is Strange and Remember Me.

In Vampyr, we play as a vampire doctor who has to constantly balance between his professional duty and the thirst for blood, access to which he has by the nature of his work, you know, plenty. The game was released in the summer of 2018 and received quite warm reviews. Of course, it’s not even close to a masterpiece, but playing once is quite worthy.

Day 7 (December 22): The seventh day of the Epic Games Store’s holiday giveaway didn’t bode well. The prediction was partly true: from today until tomorrow evening, Epic Games Store users can pick up a fairly good tactical project about mutant animals Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden.

According to the plot of Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden, we find ourselves in a world destroyed in a nuclear war. The high level of radiation contributed to the fact that certain species of animals, such as foxes, pigs and even ducks, mutated and developed in terms of intelligence to a level comparable to that of a human. The task of a group of mutants is to search for Eden – a location untouched by war, where the former life is still preserved. A kind of oasis in the middle of nuclear wastelands and ruins.

Day 6 (December 21): On the sixth day of the festive distribution of games in the Epic Games Store, everyone can get a co-op action movie with dinosaurs for free for free Second Extinction.

The project is a shooter in which people fight with reborn mutant dinosaurs for the right to solely manage the Earth. The project is still presented in the form of a game in early access, so the attitude towards it should be appropriate. Initially, Second Extinction was released on Steam and received extremely negative reviews, which over time and after the release of updates nevertheless straightened out, and currently make up 71%. Which, by the way, is quite small: usually the Epic Games Store distributes games with a rating of at least 80-85%.

Day 5 (December 20): We continue to add gift games to the Epic Games Store every day. Today we are bringing to our attention a card project that has received very high user ratings. Loop Hero.

According to the plot of Loop Hero, a certain evil lich imprisoned the world in a time loop, in which chaos is unbearable for the inhabitants of this world. We have to break this “vicious circle” using available resources and bonuses for this.

Day 4 (December 19): Picked up Remnant From the Ashes on the Epic Games Store? Forgot? Well, now it’s getting late, because literally just the offer in the store changed to a new one. As part of today’s distribution, which will last exactly 24 hours, everyone can pick up an exciting detective adventure The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

This project was born in the fall of 2014. The game tells how detective Paul Prospero investigates a chain of tragic events in a small town that will lead him to a missing boy named Ethan Carter. In the process of passing you have to solve riddles, look for clues, tie together events, and also use the supernatural powers of Paul Prospero.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter received very warm reviews from players, although almost everyone notes its extremely short duration.

Day 3 (December 18): The almost phenomenal (last year it was richer) distribution of gifts in the Epic Games Store continues. On the third day of the action, a cooperative action game was presented to our attention Remnant From the Ashes.

At one time, this game was already distributed in the Epic Games Store, where it turned out to be one of the most demanded as a gratuitous gift: more than ten million players received Remnant From the Ashes for free. Naturally, this time everything will be more modest: firstly, the distribution itself will last only a day, and the saturation took place a year ago. And new users from EGS have practically no place to come from.

Day 2 (December 17): A roguelike platformer distribution kicks off on Day 2 of the Epic Games Store’s Holiday Gift Marathon Neon Abyss, in which we, as part of the “Grim Squad”, need to “make our way into the Abyss with shooting.” The project is notable for the fact that the locations in it evolve, so each new playthrough is unique.

The game was released last summer and has received very high user ratings. This, by the way, is unique to the distributions in the Epic Games Store: yes, in most cases there are given outright “illiquid”, but with high user ratings.

Day 1 (December 16): We’ve heard from last week that Epic Games will be launching its Epic Games Store free games distributor at full capacity ahead of Christmas and New Years. The gifts marathon officially kicked off today, and the first of the upcoming gifts is an adventure RPG Shenmue III.

This project at one time received a lot of critical reviews, but in general the players agreed that Shenmue III is a worthy continuation of the series. Free will do just that.

We remind you that within the framework of the festive marathon, the games will change every day, so you have little time to think: if you see the news, it is better to pick up the gift right away so as not to miss it.


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The next gift game is secret. Why? Well, obviously, so as not to spoil the New Year’s surprise.

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