Éric Woerth proposes that the owners of second homes vote twice in the municipal elections

The member for Oise justifies this idea by the fact that the owners of second homes “will be the only ones to pay the housing tax” in 2023.

LR deputy from Oise Eric Woerth proposes that the owners of second homes vote twice in the municipal elections. The reason ? Because they will be “the only ones to pay the housing tax», He declared on the occasion of the Republicans summer universities which are held in La Baule (44). “Strengthening democracy also means changing our modes of participation“, Says the former Budget Minister (2007-2010) on his Twitter account.

But Eric Woerth forgets to specify in his tweet that this singularity will only occur in 2023. In fact, currently, in addition to owners of second homes, some owners of main residences continue to pay housing tax. These are the top 20%. For the remaining 80%, in accordance with Emmanuel Macron’s commitments during the 2017 presidential campaign, the housing tax is completely phased out this year.

Not only do second home owners continue to pay housing tax, the bill is getting steeper in some cities. To compensate for the shortfall linked to the abolition of the housing tax for main residences and the impact of the health crisis, several municipalities do not hesitate to overtax second homes, numbering 3.6 million in France. in 2020 according to INSEE (9.9% of total dwellings). Latest example to date? Lyon, where the surcharge will drop from 20% to 60%, the maximum allowed by law.

This proposal, which has been cited more than 1,600 times, did not fail to make the political class react.

Eric Woerth comes out of the closet an idea submitted a year ago by the iFrap Foundation. The liberal think-tank started from the principle that overtaxing the owners of second homes is all the easier since they generally do not vote on the spot. However, if we reintroduce a postal vote, the question of plural voting in local elections could come back to the table. The question is all the more sensitive as, in other political currents, germinates the idea of ​​prohibiting non-residents from the acquisition of residences. Breton ecologists submitted the idea to the last regional elections. Not just.

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