Eric Zemmour wants “to force people to give French names”: Emmanuel Macron reacts

“We often ask ourselves in the political debate the question of our identity”, said the Head of State in a speech on the occasion of the visit of the renovation site of the National Library of France in Paris.

“But our identity has never been built on either narrowing, or first names or forms of tension,” he commented, referring for the first time publicly to the polemicist’s proposals.

Eric Zemmour, a former political journalist twice convicted of incitement to racial hatred, and who does not hide his presidential ambitions, said he wanted “to force people to give French names” because “to call his child Mohamed, c ‘is to colonize France’.

“Our country, our nation was built by two institutions, the state and the language,” continued Emmanuel Macron. “A language whose epicenter today is no longer on these banks of the Seine but in doubt much more towards the Congo River basin,” he said Tuesday evening.

On radio Europe 1 and the Cnews channel, the former right-wing president Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012) also criticized Eric Zemmour on Tuesday evening, according to him a “symptom of the void” of the political debate.


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