Érika Zapata (Noticias Caracol) would have received death threats in Medellín

Since she made her debut as one of the correspondents for Snail News in Medellin, the journalist Érika Zapata became one of the most recognized communicators in the guild for his charisma, attitude and spontaneity.

But her recognition is not only for the reports she makes for the news, but also for her closeness to those who follow her on social networks, because usually share some moments of their daily life.

However, in the last hours his name was a trend due to the strong crossing he had with a young man, who due to his accent would be an inhabitant of Medellín.

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What happened to Erika Zapata and what threat did he receive

Although the reasons that triggered the tense discussion are unknown, in the images shared on the channels of the program ‘I know everything’ it could be seen that one of the journalist’s brothers would be involved.

“Ah well, mari… then you think I’m crazy. You are crazier, silly son… You know, silly”, The man was heard shouting, who would be addressing Érika Zapata’s relative.

This provoked the anger of the communicator, who did not remain silent and confronted the aggressor directly. Even, He asked for explanations of what would have been a threat that he had made minutes before.

“Come on, boy, tell me your name. If he’s going to say who’s going to kill us, tell me his name. Come here, tell me the name. He is my brother, tell me who you are going to kill. Tell me here who is going to kill me”, the journalist is heard saying repeatedly.

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At that moment, the voices of other people present in the place are heard, who tried to calm things down. Nevertheless, Zapata continued firm with his claim and continued addressing the man.

“Repeat me who is going to kill me. It’s that he comes and threatens me, but he doesn’t show his face. Come show me who is going to kill me. He already tells me who is going to die, ”she added.

Until now, Érika Zapata has not referred to what happened and another type of version is unknown.

Here, the images published by the gossip program:

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