Estopa gathers 175,000 faithful in a home concert

“It is the first time that we have been apart for so long.”Estopa immersed this Friday in social networks – “This is something new for us,” they confessed. and they had a great time doing what they do best, which is singing, joking, and also playing with the different filters that mobile applications, each with their own and each at home, have in their catalog. The Muñoz brothers tried to encourage the confinement, when two weeks of the state of alarm are celebrated, with a concert of nine songs that decided all their followers, but especially the health workers who are leaving their skin in every corner of Spain.

The initiative was a success. The Catalan duo gathered 175,000 followers in front of their devices, whether they were computers to phones or tablets. And they pulled some of their best-known songs – ‘Tu calorro’ or ‘Como Camarón’- to cheer up a Friday night that, the normal thing for them, would be to have spent it together on stage. They also used songs from their new album, ‘Fuego’, such as Despertar with which they opened the performance at 20.10.

Always with that grace that characterizes them, they were singing, and doing experiments with the filters. “Sorry we play”they laughed. And between them They also caused laughter in a performance that, of course, left some moments of lack of coordination. But it was the least of it. It was the day to bring some fun to a Friday night with nothing to do but be home. “This will happen and we will overcome it with the best possible sense of humor,” said the Muñoz brothers, who are already working to resituate the performances they had planned for April and May. “We will return when the bars open,” Estopa said, who is scheduled to perform in Bilbao for July 3.

After ‘Awakening’, ‘I don’t remember anymore’, ‘My bed’, ‘Your calorie’, ‘When the moon falls’,’ The balloons’, ‘I go back to the old days’,’ Demons’ and ‘Like Shrimp ‘. It was at home, behind closed doors, but soon they expect it to be open, on stage. “When the bars open,” José said.


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