Estrella de Mar 2023: Abel Pintos won Gold and Dracula, the farewell won 4 awards

The happiness of Abel Pintos with gold in his hands (Photos: Christian Heit)

Abel Pintos he won Gold Starfish in a Mar del Plata that was happier than ever. In a revitalized and festive atmosphere in the immensity of the Islas Malvinas Sports Center, with a city that recovered its historic artistic pulse suspended by the pandemic, the man from Bahia put the finishing touch on his twelve shows to a full room, receiving the top prize from the producer Carlos Rottemberg.

The author of “La llave” recalled his countless visits to the spa city and expressed his joy at the recognition of the commitment for this season. “It was a very big challenge. I want to thank my family, my brothers and colleagues Marcelo González, Jorge Quinteros and the people of Plan Divino and the public”, affirmed the singer who also obtained the Estrella for the best recital with emotion. And before leaving the stage, he had heartfelt words to Mirtha Legrandwho went to see him at his last show at the thunderer

As for the most awarded shows, Dracula, the farewell lived up to expectations and won four statuettes. the work created by Pepe Cibrian and Angel Mahler established itself as a musical comedy, JJuan Rodó and Cecilia Milone as best actor and actress and the lighting category. They also stood out The divorce –best comedy and Luciano Castro as best actor-; Lapland –comedy drama and the lead in jorge suarez; Veronica’s room and its protagonist Silvia Kutica in the drama category and the curious fact of the best dramatic comedy actress, shared by Ana Maria Picchio y Leonor Benedetto by lost mind.

The ceremony was held at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center

with driving Sebastián Pardo and Julieta Ramella, The ceremony lasted for more than three hours in which there were special mentions on very diverse themes. This is how the musician marched Donald, Hector Vidal Rivas for his classic show Mar del Plata Fashion Show; the Fiesta Freshwho promoted his itinerant spirit in Mar del Plata; Pablo Perez Iglesias for the sample Van Gogh, immersive art experience y Argentores highlighted the task of Theater of the National University of Mar del Plata.

The list of awards and tributes was only interrupted by some live numbers. the dance company Malevolent filled the stage of the Sports Center with energy, while Abel Pintos gave away part of his intimacy with a stripped-down version of “Motivos” in voice and guitar and Juan Rodo he performed “Love Theme from Dracula”, looking like the count.

Argentina La Revista celebrating its award

The winners:

Mar del Plata Theater


Letters – What do you see when you look at the sea?

The wind in a violin

Do Something – WINNER


Actor from Mar del Plata

Juan Manuel Fernández for “The wind in a violin” – WINNER

Luciano Paciotti for “Do Something”

Mario González for “The Death of Marguerite Duras”

Actress from Mar del Plata

Ángeles Marset for “Invisible, the truth is the most efficient lie” – WINNER

Lara Benítez for “Letters – What do you see when you look at the sea?”

Mariela Ferrari for “Bonsai”

Sex, Estrella de Mar by alternative theater

Mar del Plata address

Martín Pereyra and Leonela Laborde for “Meat”

Natalia Kramer for “Do Something” – WINNER

Sebastián Dativo for “Bonsai”


Divorce – WINNER

the divine family

the 39 steps



Comedy actor

Cristian Quiroga for “”

Facundo Arana for “The 39 Steps”

Luciano Castro for “Divorce” – WINNER

Comedy actress

Alejandra Flechner for “Tarascones”

Natalie Pérez for “The Divorce”

Viviana Saccone for “La divina familia” – WINNER

Dramatic comedy

Lapland – WINNER


lost mind

Dramatic Comedy Actor

Gustavo Garzón for “Jester Chekhov x Garzón”

Horacio Marassi for “The Dogs”

Jorge Suárez for “Lapland” – WINNER

Dramatic Comedy Actress

Ana María Picchio for “Lost Mind” – WINNER

Laura Oliva for “Lapland”

Leonor Benedetto for “Perdida Mente” – WINNER

Dinosaurs… a Jurassic adventure winner as Children


Veronica’s room – WINNER

bow tie


drama actor

Gabriel Beck for “The Fool and the Shirt”

Luis Longhi for “Stéfano”

Pablo Mariuzzi for “Pajarita” – WINNER

drama actress

Fernanda Provenzano for “Verónica’s room”

Lorena Szekely for “Alma, from when she stopped being Victoria and started being Alma” and “Pajarita”

Silvia Kutika for “Verónica’s room” – WINNER

Comedia Musical

The funeral of objects

Eternities, posthumous tea in the cinema hall

Dracula, the farewell- WINNER

Musical Comedy Actor

Juan Rodó for “Dracula, the farewell” – WINNER

Nicolás Manasseri for “The funeral of objects”

Oscar Miño for “Much bard and few nuts”

Musical Comedy Actress

Cecilia Milone for “Dracula, the farewell” – WINNER

Eugenia Fernández for “The funeral of objects”

Jimena Gonik for “Eternities, posthumous tea in the cinema hall”

Magazine and/or Music Hall

Argentina magazine – WINNER

Brilliant the great variety

Between you and show the Music Hall


Humor on board – WINNER

Gala show is scandal

Transfrappé “Empoderad@s”

Malevo, one of the live shows of the night

sole proprietorship

Doña Rosita the spinster or the language of flowers

Modestly Fanego – WINNER

Forget about the slaughterhouse


Scrambled a Comedy Mega Show – WINNER

Jenny, “of course”


humorous work

Momi Giardina for “Anything we call you” – WINNER

Paquito Wanchankein for “Requetesuperhumorístico”

Roberto Peña for “Between you and show”


Gisela Lepio for “Sex, I lived your experience”

Guillermina Valdés for “The 39 Steps”

Wali Iturriaga for “La Jenny, of course I do” – WINNER


Gato Peters Alpargato – Humor for those on foot

Servian the Circus: the big dream – WINNER

Open session of Mediumship

Alternative Theater


altered toy

The president’s daughter’s wedding

Sex, I lived your experience – WINNER

Twin Towers


Dinosaurs… a jurassic adventure – WINNER

Gavi Vali

new spellbound adventures

A King in underpants

A frozen adventure and the enchanted kingdom

Héctor Vidal Flores, honorable mention by Argentina Moda Show


Today is always still

Mora Godoy 20 Years, Greatest Hits – WINNER

dance night


Ariel Pastocchi and Jorge Delfino for “Argentina la Revista” – WINNER

Matías Napp for “Sex, I lived your experience”

Mora Godoy for “Mora Godoy 20 Years, Greatest Hits”

Comprehensive production from Mar del Plata

Alzúa Producciones in co-production with Fernanda Coliva for “Burlesque, noches de ensueño”; “Footprints of rock”; “The rhyme band”; “Open mediumship session”; and for “A Frozen Adventure and the Enchanted Kingdom”

Chauvin Microteatro for “15 minutes of cardio”; “Fiery Chapel”; “The tap of the 5 million euros”; “The request”; “The first law”; “Unlucky”; “Multipolar”; “Perfect@”; “If they are going to kiss on the lips, let it be in front of me”; and “A choreo”; and Chauvin Soundroom in co-production with “Columbia Beatles yesterday and today”; “Lambs in Chauvin, an exclusive night”; “fiama”; and “Leila Soul”

Petón Producciones for “Spellbound Adventures”; “Bright”; “David Lozano 90S”; “The Humor Cruise”; “The Toothless Wizard Show”; “Between you and show the Music Hall”; “Sofa and two bodies”; and “A chest 2…Grandma’s Secrets” – WINNER

National Artistic Production

300 Productions for “Ciro y los Persas”; “Divided”; “La Konga”; “Luciano Pereyra”; and “Revuelto a mega comedy show” – WINNER

Ginett Servian for “Servian the Circus: The Big Dream”

Divine Plan for “Abel in concert”

Locker room

Alejandro Gallego for “Argentina the magazine”

Ginett Servian; Ana Pires; Giovanna Bermudez; and Walter Delgado for “Servian el Circo: el gran sueño” – WINNER

Magda Banach for “Tarascones”


Mariana Tirantte for “Lost Mind”

Phepandu Creativos for “The funeral of objects”

Rubén Minutoli for “Dinosaurs… a Jurassic adventure” – WINNER


Eber Cepeda For “Servian the Circus: the great dream”

Pepe Cibrián for “Dracula, the farewell” – WINNER

Ricardo Méndez for “Eternally Argentina 2023″

Yanina Eiras for “The 39 steps”

Stand Up

“El Trinche in Mar del Plata” by Martín Dardik

“Laila Roth’s One Person” by Laila Roth – WINNER

“YES but no” by Ezequiel Campa

Cast Performance

Adriana Rolla for “Dracula, the farewell”

Maxi de la Cruz for “The 39 Steps” – WINNER

Nicole González for “More than friends”

National Directorate

José María Muscari for “Perdida Mente” and “Sex, I lived your experience”

Nelson Ansiporovich for “Twin Towers”

Nelson Valente for “The Divorce”; “The madman and the shirt”; “Lapland”; and “The Dogs” – WINNER

Pablo Gorlero for “Eternities, posthumous tea in the cinema hall”

Pepe Cibrián for “Dracula, the farewell”

Donald also received a special mention for his career

Micro theater

The order – WINNER



Mar del Plata Music

Lambs in Chauvin, an exclusive evening – WINNER

Jazz, Bossa and more!

The brand

The verses of Mar del Plata – 150 Years of Martín Fierro

Creole night


Chiqui Pereyra


Guillermo Fernández (Mar del Plata, Tango and me) – WINNER

Classical music

lyrical gala

great piano recitals

Story of a love – WINNER

Abel Pintos celebrates his big night with Mora Calabrese. In addition to the Gold, the man from Bahia won the best recital for his series at the Tronador


Abel Pintos – GANADOR

Ciro and the Persians

The Congo


You will not like it

Urban music

Maria Becerra

Nicki Nicole


Original music

Juan Ignacio López for “Eternidades, posthumous tea in the cinema hall”

Leila Curi for “Leila Soul”

Victoria Brea and Juan Reynal for “2Love” – WINNERS


Alan Gomez + Pitching 808

John Digweed – Sound Cycle – WINNER

The Totora

Tribute / Homage

“Columbia Beatles yesterday and today” – Tribute to The Beatles

“On the Air Tonight” – Tribute to Phil Collins

“Moonflower, Santana Melodies” – Tribute to Santana

“Queen, their best songs” – Tribute to Queen – WINNER

Guillermo Fernandez. Photos: Christian Heit

Electronic music

crazy says

Nick Warren “The Soundgarden” – Ciclo Sonora

Solomon – WINNER

National Author

“El Bululú, a pilgrim buffoon” by Susana Estrella

“The reminder (you were only hate in the bowels)” by Diego García Lorente

“Vacaman” by Diego de Miguel – WINNER

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