Euro: These 5 Cent Coins Are Worth A Small Fortune (video)

See in the video: Valuable 5-cent coins – this is how you can recognize the little treasures in your wallet.

Some cents and euro coins can often be worth many times their face value.

But how do you recognize them?
Countries that use the euro as a currency usually have a symbol or emblem for the respective country on the back of the coins.

This also applies to smaller states such as the Vatican or Monaco.

The number of coins from these small countries is usually more limited.

Therefore, collectors often pay a little more money for coins that are only available in very small numbers.

The prices vary between 40 and 75 euros. The year of issue and the edition with which they were made are decisive.

Monegasque 5-cent coins from 2002, 2011 and 2013, for example, reach 60 to 75 euros. A coin from the Vatican from 2002 comes to around 40 euros.

You can find information about the value of the coins on collectors’ and auction websites.

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