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While Europe has just passed the milestone of 400,000 dead as a result of contamination by Covid-19, logistics are being organized for the storage and transport of future vaccines, some announced by the end of this year.

The pandemic has killed more than 1.44 million people around the world since the end of December, according to a report established by AFP at midday on Saturday. Some 61.6 million cases have been officially recorded, of which more than 39 million have been cured.

The United States has the most deaths (264,866), ahead of Brazil (171,971), India (136,200), Mexico (104,873) and the United Kingdom (57,551) .

Europe, for its part, has passed the milestone of 400,000 deaths due to Covid-19, making the continent the second area in the world most affected by the pandemic after Latin America.

>> Map of new contaminations over 14 days in Europe:

GERMANY – Frankfurt airport prepares for vaccine transport

Frankfurt Airport, Germany, one of the world’s largest “hubs”, is preparing for the transport of the coronavirus vaccine. It is preparing to be the biggest hub in Europe for the transport of the future vaccine.

Once approved by authorities, part of the millions of Covid-19 vaccines will pass through Europe’s largest pharmaceutical transport hub for what promises to be a global vaccination campaign unprecedented in human history. In total, the Frankfurt site has 12,000 air-conditioned m2 reserved for this type of product and handled 120,000 tonnes of cargo there last year.

Anti-virus measures until spring?

Restrictive measures aimed at combating the coronavirus are also likely to last until spring in the country, warned the Minister of the Economy in an interview on Saturday.

“We have three or four long winter months ahead of us,” Peter Altmaier told the daily Die Welt. “A lot will depend” on the arrival of a vaccine, he said. But “it is possible that the restrictions will also continue in the first months of 2021”, he added.

FRANCE – Reopening of non-essential stores

The so-called “non-essential” stores reopened Saturday in France after a month of closure linked to containment. This reopening comes less than a month before Christmas, a crucial period for businesses. As for walks, they are now allowed within a radius of 20 km around your home and for three hours, instead of a kilometer and an hour until then.

A gathering of ski resort professionals also took place at GAP, in the Hautes-Alpes. They ask for the ski lifts, bars and restaurants to be opened before Christmas.

Full speed vaccine freezer supplier

In terms of vaccine strategy – while the policy of France in this area is still unclear – the only national supplier of freezers capable of storing new vaccines against Covid-19 is working hard to respond to the predictable surge in the disease. request.

For the past few days, orders from abroad have started to arrive at the Froilabo headquarters in Meyzieu (Lyon metropolitan area). If the traditional vaccines keep well in the refrigerator, those, very promising, developed by the American laboratories Moderna and Pfizer, need to be stored at very low temperature (-70 °). Together with a handful of other manufacturers, Froilabo produces freezers capable of this type of performance with a very high degree of reliability.

France recorded 12,580 additional cases of coronavirus contamination on Saturday, as well as 213 additional deaths linked to Covid-19 in hospital departments.

UNITED KINGDOM – Massive screening of students before the holidays

“It’s the safest way to come back”: students at the Scottish University of Saint Andrews are the first in the British province on Saturday to benefit from a massive screening for Covid-19, in order to return home for Christmas with a light heart.

In the United Kingdom, the most bereaved country in Europe by the pandemic with 57,500 dead, each local government has its own policy on the pandemic, but the four nations have agreed to allow students to return to see their families at Christmas.

This massive transhumance which is preparing has raised fears of a worsening of the new coronavirus pandemic on the occasion of the holidays, especially as several British universities have been major centers of transmission in recent months.

More than sixty people were also arrested in London on Saturday during protests against restrictions intended to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, police said.

ITALY – Nearly 700 new deaths

Italy reported on Saturday 686 additional deaths linked to the new coronavirus, against 827 the day before, as well as 26,323 new contaminations, against 28,352 on Friday, according to the Ministry of Health.

Italy, which was the first country in Western Europe affected by the coronavirus, has recorded 54,363 deaths linked to Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in February. This is the heaviest toll in Europe after Great Britain.

UNITED STATES – Los Angeles bans all gatherings

Health authorities in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States, on Friday banned most public and private gatherings on a temporary basis, as the curve of new Covid-19 contaminations continues to climb.

All public and private gatherings of individuals not belonging to the same household are prohibited, except for religious services and demonstrations. The decree which will take effect from Monday, November 30 does not impose the closure of non-essential businesses, such as bookstores, museums or gyms as in March, but reduces the capacity of most establishments. .

The new restrictions come as Los Angeles experiences an explosion in the number of new coronavirus infections, with an average of 4,751 new cases over the past five days. Faced with the surge in cases, the city’s health authorities had already decided on Wednesday to close restaurants, brasseries and bars, for at least three weeks.

MEXICO – New record for new contaminations

Mexico recorded a new daily record for coronavirus contamination on Friday, with 12,081 cases detected in one day, for a total of 1,090,675, health authorities said.

In the last 24 hours, 631 people have died from Covid-19, which makes an official total of 104,873 deaths, the same source said.

ARGENTINA – Relaxation of restrictions

Argentina has recorded a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases in recent weeks. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announces in the wake of easing restrictions in the country.

Only two cities remain in a situation of health isolation: Bariloche (Rio Negro) and Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz), in the south of the country. Other restrictions including the compulsory wearing of masks, the ban on organizing shows and meetings of more than ten people in closed places will remain in force until December 20.

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