Everything about her album debut “Wilted”

11/13/2020 12:41 pm

With “Wilted” Paris Jackson brings her eagerly awaited debut album onto the market. The 22-year-old daughter of the late King Of Pop starts a new chapter with her release, because Paris touches with poetic melancholy paired with a pinch of humor and a refreshing authenticity.

On “Wilted” Paris Jackson presents eleven highly personal songs that were created in close collaboration with Andy Hull and Robert McDowlell (who are also singer and guitarist for the Manchester Orchestra).

The thing with the mushrooms

The title of the album “Wilted” stands for Paris’ fascination with the possibility of rebirth, which is also represented by one of her favorite plants. The singer explains: “I love mushrooms and what they represent, namely decay as a preserved form of life.”

In plain language this means for Paris: “Take a withered flower that is deprived of sunlight and water and everything it needs. If it crumbles and rots, it will grow into a fungus. A new life is being born and it’s an unconventional kind of life. “

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A symbol for life

The 22-year-old shows her philosophical side: “Maybe the time of day when the flower existed was not the right place for her to grow. But now it’s night and everything is neon and happy and so beautiful. This mushroom is getting its best life ”.

This symbolism can also be found in the artwork for their previous releases: The album cover of “Wilted” is decorated with a withered sunflower, while the artwork of “Let Down”, the first single that Paris released two weeks ago, shows a mushroom .

“I just want to try everything”

“Let Down” and the sound of “Wilted” as a whole were inspired by Radiohead and especially “OK Computer” as Paris Jackson reports: “This album is one of my favorite albums, and it was definitely a reference point for some of the sounds on this one Plate.”

There is one thing that fascinates Paris above all: “I love how they combine acoustic and electric guitars and layers in a lot of synthesizers, and how Thom Yorke hits all the notes in his vocal range in just one song.

“I experienced a lot of healing from the plate”

Paris mentions artists such as George Harrison, Ray LaMontagne and Mötley Crües Nikki Sixx as further sources of inspiration. The 22-year-old, who wrote her first song at the age of 13, decided for her own musical career not to commit to any particular genre or style. She explains:

It has never been my ambition to find a specific sound or formula to stick to. I know that with every new thing I do, my music will keep changing. I just want to try everything. I have experienced a lot of healing through the creation of this record. “

He continues: “In an ideal world it would be amazing if people could experience a similar kind of healing from listening – but I’d rather let them take what they want from the album. I put so much of myself into these songs and got as raw and vulnerable as I could, and in the end we took them to a level I could never have imagined.

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