Evo Morales asks that the electoral result in Bolivia be “respected by all” | International

Former President Evo Morales asked that the result of the presidential elections this Sunday in Bolivia “be respected by all”At the same time, he stressed that his MAS party has its own control system for scrutiny.

“It is very important that each and every Bolivian and the political parties calmly wait for each of the votes, both from the cities and the rural areas, to be taken into account and that the result of the elections is respected by all” Morales said in a statement read to the press in Buenos Aires.

“The priority is exclusively the recovery of democracy. Let’s not fall for any kind of provocation ”, he pointed.

The elections this Sunday are held after almost a year of interim presidency of the right-wing Jeanine Áñez.

Morales resigned from the presidency of Bolivia on November 10, 2019, after losing the support of the armed forces amid a crisis sparked by allegations of fraud in an election in which he was seeking his fourth consecutive term.

On the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to suspend the quick vote count, Morales indicated that “fortunately the Movement for Socialism has its own electoral control system.”

“Our delegates at each table will monitor and record each electoral act. The people will also accompany us in this task of commitment to democracy ”, he stressed.

The favorite candidates are the economist Luis Arce, from Morales’s Movement to Socialism (MAS), and the former centrist president Carlos Mesa (2003-2005), from Comunidad Ciudadana, second in the 2019 elections.

In Argentina, where Morales has been a refugee since December 2019, the Bolivian community went out to vote in schools set up for this election day.

The electoral roll of Bolivians residing in Argentina is around 140,000 people.


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