Ex-sports director Christian Nerlinger does not believe in Coman staying at Bayern

Ex-sports director Christian Nerlinger does not believe in Coman staying at Bayern

Kingsley Coman, Bayern Munich 2021

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Christian Nerlinger, sports director at FC Bayern from 2009 to 2012, does not believe that Kingsley Coman will stay with the record champions.

The former sports director of FC Bayern, Christian Nerlinger, “hardly” believes that Kingsley Coman (25) will play for the German record champions in the coming season. Talks about an early extension of his contract, which runs until 2023, are expected to stall because FC Bayern is currently not ready to meet the French international’s financial demands.

“Bayern have a team of the highest quality. They had a tendency to lose players for free,” Nerlinger explained in an interview Picture TV: “You can’t do that in the long run, you have to part with players from time to time if the offer is right.” Should Coman actually decide against a new contact, a farewell in the summer would probably be the last chance to get a reasonable transfer fee for the winger.

Nerlinger on Coman’s salary demands: “Then you can go to these regions with conviction”

“Coman is an outstanding player, but because of the overall situation, I think Bayern will consider giving him up,” said Nerlinger, who has been an advisor since he left the sporting management of FC Bayern. According to information from Sport1 The current gross salary of Coman is 12 million euros, but in the negotiations he should aim for an income of 20 million euros per year.

Nerlinger thinks these demands are inappropriate: “It’s the art of saying which player has the absolute Bayern mentality and reliability. When that comes together, you can go to these regions with conviction.” Since his transfer in August 2015, however, Coman has had numerous injury problems that have prevented him from establishing himself as an unrestricted regular player.


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