except disaster, light (almost) green to widen the bubble outside and for education!

If the figures are not good in absolute terms, which again led the interfederal spokesperson Steven Van Gucht to recommend to wait until April and May to relax the measures, the sharp rise in contamination seems to be on the decline: we went from a double-digit increase to a smaller one, 9%, on a weekly basis and even to a small decrease in the last two days (on a daily basis therefore). Hospitalizations are still increasing by more than 20%, but the average is established at 150 daily admissions, relatively far from the surge of 200 in 24 hours, Friday last weekend … And deaths continue to decline sharply (-35% ).

Unless a dramatic twist …

As we wrote already this morning, if there is no new twist, we should talk about flexibility at the new consultation committee on Friday, March 5. The outer bubble (which would increase from 4 to 8 people), extracurricular activities (no more limitations for children under 12), as well as education: reopening of higher education campuses (20% simultaneous presence) from in mid-March, possibility of school excursions in compulsory education and 100% return of all secondary school students to school after Easter… With a two-week test for some of them (3rd and 6th secondary?) two weeks before Easter? This is what the education ministers were planning, but it is ultimately not sure at all …

And the contact bubble?

Tourist trips (non-essential)? The ban is not expected to be lifted before the end of the month. Progress for the hospitality industry or culture? Undoubtedly not before April, even May, but perhaps a timetable opening up prospects for these traumatized sectors. Even if they remained very cautious, the PS evoked Tuesday the activities outside and the teaching, Ecolo added the cultural sector.

The most “greedy” always seem the liberals and the N-VA who could agree to raise the tempo. The president of the MR reminded us again on Tuesday that it should be possible to discuss the widening of the bubble of social contacts (inside). If there is a debate on this point, it will be fierce …


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