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The national three-level alert continues to be extended, and the Linkou Huaya Science and Technology Park raises the alarm! The Garmin Linkou factory, an international clothing manufacturer specializing in the three railways, was shocked to report that an employee was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the 7th. Garmin employees broke the news to Apple News that all employees were left in the factory for quick screening due to the diagnosis of clean room employees. They did not go home until 11 o’clock in the evening, but they were still required to go to work in the morning on the 8th and the production line continued to operate. , Which is equivalent to exposing employees to danger.

Garmin Taiwan International Avionics responded by confirming that an employee has been diagnosed, and other employees have also been tested. The PCR test results are all negative. Garmin takes epidemic prevention and safety and protection of employee health as its primary considerations. The relevant details are based on public information from the government, and follow-up processing is in compliance. Instructions from the Central Epidemic Command Center.

95% of the manufacturing of Garmin, a major wearable manufacturer, is based in Taiwan, and its production line is known to be non-stop for 24 hours. However, a confirmed case was reported in the Garmin Linkou plant on the 7th, and the production line continued to operate as usual on the 8th.

The employee complained that a colleague in the clean room of the Linkou plant confirmed on the 7th that the company required all employees in the clean room to stay in the plant for quick screening and PCR testing, and did not go home until 11 pm.

Kuang Lie employees all PCR negative

The employees also pointed out that the company was unable to wait for all PCR results to be released on the morning of the 8th and still required the production line to continue to operate, which means that employees still have to go to work normally. This is not to expose all employees to risks, and to the employees and their families. Quite unreasonable.

Garmin Taiwan International Avionics responded that there was indeed a Taiwanese production line operator who was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia and has been admitted to the hospital for quarantine for proper diagnosis and treatment. The company will continue to be concerned and provide relevant consultation and assistance, looking forward to a speedy recovery.

Garmin explained that the recent work location of the confirmed case employee is only in Linkou Factory (Linkou Huaya Science and Technology Park), and there is no regional transfer. After the employee actively reported the suspected infection to his family, Garmin immediately assisted in the rapid nucleic acid test. After the result was positive, he took the initiative Notify the competent authority and immediately complete the disinfection of the staff’s work area and the public areas of the plant on the evening of July 6th, and follow-up key public areas will also be disinfected every 2 hours.

On the same day, I immediately listed potential employees and accelerated the quick screening. On July 7th, the Taoyuan City Health Bureau assisted the relevant personnel. The PCR test results were all negative.

Company: The case is a single incident

Garmin emphasized that the company takes epidemic prevention safety and protection of employees’ health as its primary considerations. In addition to existing epidemic prevention regulations, the company has strictly formulated a number of epidemic prevention measures. In addition to strengthening the disinfection of the employee’s workplace, the entire plant and the transportation vehicles, the public areas are fully disinfected every two hours.

Garmin also stated that all outside visitors will be suspended from entering the factory, and all employees entering the factory will be allowed to enter the factory after taking their body temperature. In addition, Garmin has prepared sufficient quick screening reagents since July 1st. Any employee who reports that they are unwell will provide quick screening reagents for independent testing. If employees are not fit to notify the company for approval, they can also apply to the company for the full fee. Subsidy.

Garmin has followed the instructions of the Taoyuan City Health Bureau and has carried out corresponding screening and disinfection and cleaning measures. Because the current case is a single incident that does not affect the company’s operations and production lines, it will continue to maintain a high degree of vigilance and pay close attention to the instructions issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Related epidemic prevention measures.

Garmin will also continue to maintain contact with the Central Epidemic Command Center to ensure the health and safety of all employees. Relevant details are mainly based on government public information, and follow-up processing follows the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center. (Reported by Chen Liyu/Taipei)

Update: All PCR test results are negative, update the video

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