Exclusive | The storm of political war “living erotic palace” hits the military honorary elder sister to drive lynching!Students from two departments in corporal punishment in a row | Apple News | Apple Daily

When students from the Department of Psychology of the School of Political Science and Warfare of the National Defense University were teaching online on the 19th, a pair of male and female students actually performed the “Living Erotica” incident directly in the classroom. The school will hold a personnel appraisal committee meeting today (26). The source pointed out: In view of the huge impact of this scandal on the reputation of the school, the punishment results at the school have not yet been released. The senior sisters of the department of the male and female who caused the incident have jointly issued a punishment order, intending to “use lynching” and even punish them, demanding to make an impact. Students who have acted in honor of the school must come up with self-punishment methods that are “remorseful and sincere.”

Some students’ parents broke the news to “Apple News” and pointed out that male and female students were performing “sex teaching” in online classrooms. The parents were also shocked. However, how the school would punish the client has not been announced yet. It has been reported on campus that the student has been involved in an accident. The seniors and elder sisters who are studying in the department have issued a general order for the students from these two departments to submit a “self-review and self-punishment” report to the senior elder sister.

The parents of the students revealed that the senior sister of the political war school even demanded that this self-discussion and punishment letter must be a punishment item of “remorse and sincerity.”The parents who broke the news believed that the “continuous sitting” punishment method issued by this seniority system was basically instructed by the school to let these senior sisters use lynching, which meant to silence all students.

In the online teaching at the School of Political Science and Warfare, students brazenly staged the “Living Erotica” incident in public, shocking the society and rippling aftermath. This incident occurred when a student of the Department of Psychology of the School of Political Science and Warfare was teaching online on the morning of the 19th. Although a male student set up a “virtual background” on the computer screen, all the students in class found that the boy’s “virtual background” was in the “virtual background”. , He and another girl were naked at the same time, performing the action of “connecting with people”. The students in class witnessed the sex process throughout the course, and some students recorded and spread out on the spot.

After this incident, the campus atmosphere was strange. The female classmate in the film was also a student of the School of Political Science and Warfare. It was pointed out that her senior boyfriend had just graduated this year and had been assigned to the army as an officer. The senior boyfriend was quite angry and privately instructed others who were still studying. My younger brother, during the summer military training practice course on the 27th, he must “fuck him” and show him a “good-looking boy”! Although the senior military officer of the school clarified that there was “no such incident,” the school still faced this incident with great caution.

In addition, some parents of students from the School of Political Science and Warfare broke the news alleging that the elder sister was unbearable and humiliated by the school, and they also demanded that the younger siblings turn in a self-punishment report, just like lynching! It was pointed out that on the day the students were demoted from Level 3, that is, when they returned to school on the 27th, they would be punished with 100 slams to avoid recurrence of similar “live erotic palace” incidents.

“Apple” checked with the National Defense University. The National Defense University said after investigation that there is no punishment method that requires students to be “remorseful and sincere” in the group communication of each department, and it did not require students to be on the 27th. After returning to school, he will be fined with a message of 100 standing up. Therefore, this revelation is not true.

The National Defense University stated that in order to ensure the rights and interests of every student, the School of Political Warfare has also asked all officials to prohibit similar punishments or corporal punishment. (Wang Jionghua/Report from Taipei)


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