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Exhibition – Open studio with jazz and wine in St. Peter/Au

by archyde

It is powerful stone sculptures that have fascinated Franz Joseph Rittmannsberger, who was born in Biberbach, since his youth. And after the artistic processing of his boulders, which come from all over the world (Namibia, Greece, Spain, Norway), but sometimes also from the Mostviertel, he fascinates the viewer of his works, which are characterized by perfect craftsmanship – paired with a lot of knowledge about Mineralogy – and thus distinguish the highest sculptural quality.

The Rittmannsberger, who started out as a self-taught stone sculptor in the 1980s, was able to acquire the artistic skills after three years of collaboration with the sculptor W. Jura – later also Alfred Hrdlicka – but has found his own style. He looks at the stone, recognizes the structures and breathes life into the “dead” matter through his mastery and artistry. With him, heavy things suddenly become light and radiate fascinating harmony. Each of his sculptures conveys a very specific message when he aesthetically exaggerates structures and forms and thus brings them to their best advantage. He works in his studio at the Bognerhof in the romantic Dobratal near St. Peter, where he can live out his creativity in the best possible way, surrounded by nature, and so his work almost becomes a kind of meditation for him.

Stones are filled with life

For him, the creation of a sculpture means a particularly creative process. Vegetative organic forms dominate, above all of the human body, whereby these forms merge with the structures in a constant search for artistic expression and the work thus begins to come to life. Rittmannsberger’s sculptures often resemble human fragments whose smooth surface structure makes one forget that they are made of heavy, hard stone. His works have already been shown all over the world – from Ferrara to Florence and Manhattan, Melbourne or in the Montserrat Gallery New York, again in Nice in the summer of 2022.

The gallerists Cornelia and Günter Mitter present Rittmannsberger’s work time and again in exhibition locations that harmonize particularly well with the stone sculptures, for example in a boathouse at the Kammer landing stage on the Attersee, where the blue chrysocolla from Namibia actually reflects the blue of the Attersee. Rittmannsberger, who also took part in symposia at home and abroad and made numerous trips to Greece, France, Norway, Namibia, Scotland, Ireland and Iran for study purposes, is always represented in the Morteveille Gallery in Vienna.

Rittmannsberger is undoubtedly one of the most important Austrian representatives of classical sculpture, who has also received numerous international awards. Despite everything, he appreciates the proximity to local art lovers and therefore invites them to his studio and the beautiful ambience of his private (sculpture) garden on October 1st and 2nd for a personal encounter and to “understand” the stones. Under the motto “Saxophone meets sculpture”, Andreas Weiss will give a jazz performance on Saturday at 4 p.m., and winegrowers Maria and Gerhard Wagner from Neusiedl am See will also present their wines on both days. With this action, the artist wants to support Father Georg Sporschill’s street children’s project “Elijah” in Romania.

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