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The super-hammer animation “Spell Return” is a juvenile manga created by Japanese manga artist Kakumishita. Both anime and manga have received a large number of readers in Japan and Taiwan. The exquisite battle scenes and thought-provoking plots make “Spell Back to Battle” a masterpiece in the hearts of many fans!

Now, we can finally enjoy the[Spellback Chinese version of the sound stickers]in the LINE group with friends. The point is that the sound stickers are all original Japanese animation dubbing.

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Of course, the first actor named knotweed, remember the famous saying of knotweed? “I don’t want to regret my own way of living!” This sentence is the key to entering the high school of spells, super bold, and very suitable for roaring friends in depression.

The other protagonist first asked the author to personally push Tsao Jiao Fu Hei. Always calm down, just say: “I have a way!” It will make people feel at ease.

Of course, I can’t forget Mr. Wujo, who crushed the audience with handsome violence as soon as he took off his blindfold, and matched it with the handsome and lame feeling of “Just click it to the end.” It’s too much (broken sound).

After the temporary separation, return to the group to continue chatting. At this time, use the knotweed sticker to say: “I’m back!”

Friends who have a tacit understanding can match the five teacher’s: “Welcome back!” and use them together. Fans should all know where the dialogue comes from.

In addition, the warm male dog roll is very popular. As the strongest auxiliary “cursor”, the “rice ball quotations” of the dog roll is especially useful when discussing what to eat. Let’s make the dog roll “salmon” or “Honey bonito”, I was hungry when I saw it.

When working overtime, I saw Nanami, the former social and animal representative, say: “Next is overtime”, which makes people really want to face it!

Image Source:“Jujutsu Kaisen” Anime Official
Tucao Queen Nagizaki is suitable for warning (excited) (angry) relatives and friends who stay up late: “Do you have insufficient sleep? The pores are very expensive!”

Each of the stickers in the Chinese version of the Chinese version of “The Curse of War” is very passionate. How can people resist it?

Hurry up and download the stickers, listen to him 300 times a day, and start with friends in the group!

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