Experience Destiny 2’s Intro Mission The Witch Queen in up to 4K HDR

The new expansion of Destiny 2 named The Witch Queen has recently become available. Guardians around the world – at least a certain part – took up arms again. And this time, we’re dealing with Savathûn.

Whether or not you have purchased the extension, any owner of Destiny 2 The introductory mission of The Witch Queen can discover this very long introductory mission but which allows you to discover some of the gigantic and grandiose environments of this expansion.

If the gameplay does not change fundamentally, Bungie has put a little more emphasis on a platform side and the resolution of small puzzles throughout this new campaign which, if it does not offer many missions, turns out to be quite long and tough if you are playing on legendary difficulty. In this case, the final loot is obviously more interesting.

For completing the entire campaign – but not all of the post-campaign content which is going to take me weeks with the various quests – The Witch Queen is probably in my opinion the best extension of Destiny 2 since its launch. With four seasons planned and probably a number of quests that will be added over the months, and gigantic environments, Bungie has what it takes to keep the community active until the next expansion scheduled for 2023.

The video below was captured on PS5 in 4K 60fps HDR.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is available on PS5, XSX/S, PS4/Pro, Xbox One/X, PC and Stadia.

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