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Popovich warned that there is no exact data on how much the coronavirus vaccine is able to protect the loved ones of the vaccinated. The main thing, she said, is the creation of population protection. “Whether this immunity will be formed in a family member, a neighbor, a colleague or in general outsiders on the street – it does not matter. The main thing is for the maximum number of people to form effective protection against infection with this virus, ”she explained.

In St. Petersburg, more than 1 million people were fully vaccinated against COVID-19

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The specialist pointed out that the reaction to infection with coronavirus is individual for all people. It depends on the behavior of a person, his individual characteristics, on the stability of his immune system.

Earlier, the infectious disease doctor Yevgeny Timakov said RIA Novostithat even one family member, having been vaccinated against coronavirus, reduces the risk for other relatives to get COVID-19 by three times. The doctor explained that in case of infection, a vaccinated person can secrete a virus, but much less than a patient without vaccination, and the released virus is less active and does not mutate in the body.

Petersburg Research Institute named after Pasteur July 18 statedthat the collective immunity to COVID-19 in Russia has reached the level of 60%. “This is not the level that allows you to exhale, this is the level that allows you to control the process. In fact, it is necessary to reach 90%, ”said director of the institution Areg Totolyan.

How the coronavirus epidemic is developing in Russia

Dynamics of daily detected new infections and registration of deaths

Sources: federal and regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, statements by officials

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