Extension of the All Saints holiday: Caroline Désir apologizes to the teachers

Lhe Minister of Education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Caroline Désir was the guest of “C’est pas tous les jours Dimanches” on RTL TVI. She returned to the remarks she had made regarding the extension of the Toussaint leave. The minister had declared to have “lengthened the Toussaint leave to allow the teachers and the directions to breathe”.

Faced with the excitement that this extension measure may have aroused, in fact the teachers have since been the target of criticism, being praised as “lazy”, the Minister to apologize to the teachers. The purpose of this measure is to “find organizational measures”. Caroline Désir insisted on her desire to keep the children in school. “Nothing replaces the lessons given by a teacher in front of his class. It is important that children continue to go to school for learning as well as for the social bond, which is essential, ”she had already declared.

As a reminder, the autumn vacation week will be extended by three days, ie until Wednesday 11 November inclusive. As this day is a public holiday, two days off will be “offered” to schools (Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 November).


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