Extension of the holiday break: “Now is the time to intervene”

An infectious disease specialist believes that the extension of the holiday break, mentioned this week by the Legault government, will not be enough to contain the second wave. She calls for immediate action.

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“The time to intervene is now,” said Dr. Cécile Tremblay, microbiologist-infectious disease specialist at the CHUM, on LCN airwaves on Saturday morning. It doesn’t seem useful to me to talk about the holiday break when we’re still a month and a half away. ”

“We risk finding ourselves in a very difficult situation where we would not have a little break to see our families. If there was an intervention to do, I would do it now, ”she continued.

Remember that the Canadian Medical Association is sounding the alarm so that health is a priority – and not the economy – because the health system is very close to reaching its maximum capacity.

Hospitalizations on the rise?

Meanwhile, hospitalizations are stable for the moment in Quebec, but Dr. Tremblay remains concerned.

“We have to be happy, but I would say it’s coming. I look carefully at the column of deaths and it must be said that sometimes the elderly affected by the disease are not necessarily hospitalized, but they can die from it and this is not desirable ”, she qualified.

The toll of cases in Quebec has increased over the past week with more than 1,300 people infected since Wednesday. According to Dr. Tremblay, hospitalizations could therefore be on the rise in the coming weeks.

“Eventually, in two or three weeks, it could result in hospitalizations. I do not feel reassured that it is stable, ”explained the doctor.

“Fortunately, our system is stable and holding up, but we have to be wary of what could happen in the next few weeks,” she added.

Dr. Tremblay clarified that it is not impossible to relive a downward trend, depending on the success or otherwise of the measures put in place by the Legault government in the various regions. However, other measures could emerge to flatten the curve, she said.

“If we do not succeed in bending this curve, it will skyrocket,” warned the one who would like to see different workplaces improve their health measures.

“I believe that there is a relaxation and that there would be a way to improve the distance even more,” illustrated Dr. Tremblay.

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