F1: Mika Hakkinen sympathizes with Verstappen “Powerless to puncture at 300 km / h”[F1-Gate .com]

Mika Hakkinen sympathizes with Max Verstappen, who suffered a tire failure at the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. I explained how I felt with my own experience.

Max Verstappen, who led most of the race, crashed into the wall with a tire failure while driving at high speed on the home straight with 5 laps remaining. Lost 26 points for victory and fastest lap.

Mika Hakkinen said Max Verstappen couldn’t do anything to prevent the crash, and the violent nature of the accident made the driver feel like a passenger.

“I’m sorry for Max Verstappen,” Mika Hakkinen wrote in Unibet’s column.

“He had a very strong race from the 3rd grid, but had a terrible tire failure at maximum speed on the main straight.”

“There is a kink that bends straight to the right, which puts a load on the left rear tire. It’s the one that failed. Whether the problem was actually a puncture due to the tire itself or debris has to wait for Pirelli’s findings. Either way, it’s something that F1 is worried about. “

“I’ve had a flat tire, but it’s not a good experience. It’s very sudden, violent and makes me a passenger at 300km / h. A tire failure sent me to the hospital at the 1995 Australian GP. A tire broke down while driving at full throttle in 1999 in Germany. “

“If you feel something is wrong with the car, you’ll immediately try to fix the steering, but there’s really nothing you can do at top speed.”

Mika Hakkinen pointed out that Lance Stroll had a similar problem early in the race at the same location on the track, which could have been even worse if it happened on another circuit. Said.

“What’s more worrisome about Max’s tire failure is that Lance Stroll had the same fate on his Aston Martin, the second time on the day,” continued Mika Hakkinen.

“The fact that both incidents occurred at the highest speed in the same location means that the FIA ​​needs to look carefully at all the data with the team and Pirelli and really try to understand why.”

“In Baku, both drivers ran alone and there was no machine next to them. Fortunately they spun and hit a wall in the nose section. On other circuits, this kind of failure was a more catastrophic accident. May lead to ”

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