Fabiola Campomanes shows wounds on her face after treatment (Video)

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Mexico City / 16.01.2021 22:27:26

Fabiola Campomanes shared images with his followers of the wounds he suffered on his face after practicing a Beauty treatment to remove some stains that were due to the sun; However, the result was not what was expected and severely damaged the actress’s skin, who took the opportunity to recommend people to take care of their body.

Through her Instagram account, the famous one published a video in which she appears with her face without makeup minutes after getting out of the shower. In the forehead area they observe several injuries, product of the failed procedure.

“About eight years ago I had spots on my face, precisely because of abusing the sun, you should never abuse anything and, well, eight years ago I have been obsessed with them and wanting to disappear from my skin, despite to have very good skin and to be grateful for the skin I have, “Fabiola Campomanes began saying in the video.

Fabiola Campomanes talks about wounds on her face

The actress indicated that she went to “the best” dermatologists to try to remove these spots. He commented that some treatments worked for him and others not so much, but he decided to have one more.

“This last treatment that I had my skin did not hold, I believe that my skin is already very treated and it began to open and made me open (points to his forehead). I obviously trust that they will heal, heal and they will be fine, “he said.

After clarifying what happened, Fabiola Campomanes shared a message about the importance of taking care of our body and “accepting the changes” it undergoes over the years, without paying attention to beauty stereotypes.

“The important thing is the wake-up call of my own body, that’s how I see it and to understand that it is not good to obsess over anything, it is real nonsense. You have to accept changes because everything changes, that is a constant in our lives ( …) If we don’t understand it, we’re going to suffer a lot … Sometimes it is hilarious to use the filters and see those perfect skin, but perfection does not exist, it is not real, “he added.



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