FAM plane that will repatriate Mexicans evacuated from Ukraine will leave this Sunday: Ebrard

Families from Mexico upon arrival in Romania, where Ambassador Guillermo Ordorica received them (Photo: Twitter/EmbaMexUcr)

After more than 12 hours of the first mexican families from Ukraine they managed to get to Romania after the invasion of russian armythe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrardreported that this Sunday A Mexican Air Force plane will leave to repatriate them.

This was announced this Saturday night by the Foreign Minister through his Twitter account, where he explained that the aircraft, Boeing 737-800will leave the country at 10:00 a.m.. In addition, he pointed out that if necessary there will be other flights in the coming days.

“Once families evacuated from Ukraine have arrived in Romania, the Mexican Air Force Boeing 737-800 takes off tomorrow at 10 am to bring them back home. The plane will go via Canada and Ireland. It is the first flight, if necessary there will be others in the next few days”

FAM Boeing 737-800 aircraft
FAM Boeing 737-800 aircraft

It is worth mentioning that in the afternoon, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He promised that no Mexican will stay in the areas of greatest risk.

“No Mexican is going to stay in the conflict zone. We are going to get them all out, governments are helping us, diplomats are helping us”

He even revealed that the government is negotiating with some Eastern European countries for the use of airspace of the Mexican Air Force plane.

Hours before, Ebrard announced that there are still 90 Mexicans in Ukrainebut it is not possible to mobilize them to Romania due to the curfew in Kievbecause the city has been bombarded by the president’s troops Vladimir Putin.

Ambassador of Mexico in Ukraine sends a message to trapped compatriots

In this regard, Olga García Guillén, Mexican ambassador to Ukraine, reported this Saturday night through a video that consular protection operations continueso he urged them to keep in touch to coordinate the evacuations as soon as possible.

“Communicate any situation to know through the networks and the media that you already know, to always be able to know about you, you about us and to be able to coordinate the evacuation that we are waiting for so much”

It is worth mentioning that since February 25, García Guillén cannot ship from the Embassy, where four officials work, because in an adjoining building explosions were recorded, and yes from the residence of Mexico in Kiev.

On the arrival in Romania during the early hours of this Saturday, Ebrard also shared images and said that “They were assisted by the ongoing protection protocol” which was coordinated between WED and said European embassies.

For his part, the Mexican ambassador to Romania, Jose Guillermo Ordorica Roblesshared on his Twitter account a video where he appears meeting with displaced Mexicans.

“We are here in Siret, Romania, on the border with Ukraine with the first group of Mexican people who crossed and are already with us. Welcome to Romania. We are waiting for the other members of the contingent to arrive and, as always, with great pleasure attending them as they deserve “

Gustavo, a Mexican who managed to get out, described as excellent the coordination that Foreign Affairs had to get people out of Kievas if to receive them in Romania: “They even want to kiss the floor. Mr Ambassador, thank you very much”.

(Foto: Twitter/@SRE_mx)
(Foto: Twitter/@SRE_mx)

“I want to thank the prompt response from the Mexican embassy in Ukraine and the coordination they had with the Romanian embassy, ​​everything was perfect. On the Mexican side, I can’t be more than proud of what they did for me.”

Another of the compatriots thanked the support that the Mexican government has given them, as she assured that He has given them all the facilities to be safe with their families.

“They make us feel a little safer, they make us feel all the support that Mexico has given us. They make us feel safer in this situation.”he expressed.


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