families call on Emmanuel Macron

The concern of families is growing after the discovery of a new case of cancer in a 4-year-old child in Loire-Atlantique. The collective “Stop the cancers of our children”, formed around Sainte-Pazanne, launched, Wednesday, September 16, an appeal to the Head of State. “We call on President Emmanuel Macron to protect the health of our children”, said Marie Thibaud, founder of the collective, during a press conference organized in Saint-Hilaire-de-ChalĂ©ons, near Saint-Pazanne, about thirty kilometers south-west of Nantes.

“Children continue to fall ill, things have to move”, continued Mme Thibaud, specifying that the collective had learned last month that a little boy of 4 years old, domiciled in Machecoul, in the same sector, was suffering from leukemia. According to the collective, with this new case, twenty-two children have been affected by cancer in Sainte-Pazanne and its surroundings since 2015 and, among them, five have died. The regional health agency (ARS) counted eleven cases in this sector between 2015 and March 2019, an incidence twice the national average.

“This difference can be explained by the age and the geographic area used”, specifies Marie Thibaud, mother of a little boy in remission, who had been the first to alert the authorities to this multiplication of cases in this area. “Not six months go by without a child declaring cancer around us”, she insisted, also evoking three relapses among children affected by these cancers.

“We cannot afford to add risk to risk”

Formed in March 2019, the parents’ collective had obtained the launch of an epidemiological investigation by Public Health France and several other investigations carried out by the ARS. But these investigations did not reveal any “Common cause” to these diseases. The ARS is organizing a new meeting of the monitoring committee on Tuesday, the institution said.

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On this occasion, the collective wishes in particular to obtain a map of pediatric cancers that have occurred in the department, municipality by municipality, since 2005. “We ask for this information but we are not given it”, denounced Mme Thibaud. The collective is also opposed to the establishment of seven wind turbines in a neighboring town, arguing that there is already” around twenty “ of them in the sector. According to the collective, the first wind turbines were put into service shortly before 2015, the year in which these first cases of pediatric cancer occurred. “We cannot afford to add risk to risk”added Mme Thibaud.

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