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Fashion Media News:On August 5, 2022, BSiEE won the “2021 High-growth Chain Brand” award at the “2022 Linkshop Conference”, giving the brand another growth imprint. At this opportunity, BSiEE aims to present high-growth brand solutions to help discuss how retail companies can break out of the situation and achieve sustainable development under the changing times.

“Linkshop Conference” has been successfully held for 20 sessions since 2002. It is an influential industry event in China’s retail industry and a professional platform for domestic and foreign industry scholars, leaders and elites to gather and exchange with each other. “2022 Conference” takes “Cross Cycle” as the theme, and discusses the feasible solutions for retail enterprises to cross the economic fluctuation cycle in the current era and industry environment to achieve stable and rising development, and explore the direction for the sustainable development of enterprises and the industry. .

The BSiEE brand started in 2005 and has grown in 2018. It has grown from an 8-square-meter lattice shop to 300+ stores; from market stores to major department stores, shopping malls, comprehensive business districts and online platforms; Nanjing, Jiangsu has entered Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, and Shaanxi; from serving the first user to making 1.1 million+ brand members; from gaining the trust of the first strategic partner to working with the industry and All walks of life together to be “beauty communicators”. This astringent imprints step by step.

In the past three years, all walks of life have faced brand-new development issues, changing industry technologies, changing economic environment and reality, diverse cultural atmosphere, diverse market and consumer demands… During this period, Benshi is developing against the trend, 2021 In 2018, the overall performance was satisfactory, with a year-on-year increase of 45% in sales, 77 new stores were opened, and the brand sound effect continued to expand. As a clothing brand in the retail industry rooted in China, Benshi carries the “2021 High Growth Chain Brand” award, and tries to summarize the corporate practice as an industry reference, so as to participate in the era of “rebirth” in the Chinese retail industry.

From the astringent to the true color, provide “her” products

As a clothing brand for women, Bense always puts product positioning, style development and quality assurance in the primary position of brand development. At the same time, think about the multi-dimensional value expectations of users for “her” products. As explained by the brand, for users themselves and their relationship with Benshi, user needs are dynamic. Products must meet their full life cycle needs for product attributes and value, and support users as the brand grows. Shifts in the development of relationships with brands.

As far as users are concerned, women will experience many role changes in their lives, and they also need to switch different roles at any time at each stage, girls, girls, adults… daughters, mothers, students, professionals in various industries… Ben Shiwan Every woman can find clothes that fully express a variety of roles. This expression is not an established paradigm from the outside world, but a self-expression. It can be a “mature girl” or a “cute woman”. Ben Se put this expectation on products, such as the continuous launch of product series, “Four Seasons Series”, “Color Series”, “Festival Series” to create appropriate, suitable and comfortable clothing for the four seasons; ; “Return to True Color Series”, “Easy Commuting Series”, “Tencel Series” to meet the needs of different scenarios; the major product series launched immediately respond to the constant exploration of new me.

BSiEE Benshi brand store

As far as the relationship with the brand is concerned, the user’s identity is changing, and the mode of getting along with them should be appropriately adjusted to promote a substantial change in the relationship between the two parties. Owning a product is a critical inflection point in the direction of the user-brand relationship. In Benshi, “a piece of clothing belongs to only one person”, and a product is only valuable when “her”‘s individual characteristics and experiences are attached to the product. Since its inception, Benshijing has collected a lot of feedback from users through various online and offline channels, and has learned who “she” is, and let “she” decide what the product is. When users gradually have multiple identities such as buyers, service owners, decision makers, inspectors, commentators, communicators, and witnesses, the way “she” gets along with the brand is no longer single, and can give more comprehensive feedback and participate in to the product upgrade. Ben Sei met with many users at the beginning of its establishment. They contributed valuable suggestions to Ben Se. Many users brought their family, partners and friends to Ben Se to express their views on the product and provide a source of product inspiration.

Self-help and create differentiated brand IP

The brand core formed by brand proposition, philosophy, vision and concept is the main basis for Benshi to create differentiated brand IP. “Bense” is the original quality, women are beautiful, and the brand advocates “beauty brings out its true colors”; Bense believes that “the soul of beauty is constantly exploring”, that is, “BSiEE”-Beautiful Spirit is Ever Exploring, “beauty is constantly exploring itself “Made in China” has become the brand philosophy; Bense makes a wish to start every woman’s journey of self-exploration, with the vision of “making beauty happen”, and the concept of “dressing is self-expression” and “faithful to the self” dressing aesthetics; In the end, I wish every woman and every person to become a “beauty communicator” and experience the complete process from loving beauty to exploring, discovering, displaying, and disseminating self-beauty, and then returning to self-beauty.

Based on the brand core, Benshi has created a series of brand IP. The annual event of “BSiEE Brand Spokesperson Recruitment” is held by Bense Innovation and is open to all the public in the country. Contestants have been selected to become brand spokespersons, show their self-worth, and spread beauty together with Bense; “BSiEE Bense Gratitude Stone Language” is Bense created its own annual event. Participants expressed their wishes through original painted stones. The event is the brand’s gratitude to users and gratitude to Nanjing, the birthplace of the brand. Bense also hopes to inherit the city’s history and culture and grow in the future. It is a city symbol brand; “BSiEE University” is a comprehensive enterprise university independently established by Bense. It is a learning, communication, social and lifestyle platform for corporate employees. There are “Meili College” and “Retail College”. , “Management and Business School”, “Cultural School” sections, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise university in the industry.

Benshi also keeps launching new brand-themed activities. Activities such as “Mid-Autumn Handwritten Postcards”, “Mom’s Love Can’t Wait”, “Looking for the Most Beautiful Dress”, “Best Girlfriends”, “Coronation of Dreams”, “Old Clothes Have Love” and other activities echo the brand IP, assign brand symbols to realize Product empowerment, user multi-dimensional value provision, enterprise construction, talent training, employee development, industry support, cultural heritage, corporate social responsibility and many other brand symbol values.

Two lines in parallel, upgrade user services

Benshi upgrades online and offline services at the same time, so as to timely respond to changing market and user needs. Offline service is an important way for Benshi to maintain direct interaction with users. The audience of retail apparel brands needs professional product information introduction, customized aesthetic advice, real try-on experience, scene-based atmosphere feeling, effective communication with sales and other online channels that have not yet developed mature services. Ben Sei did not weaken offline services, but accelerated upgrades, opening new physical stores, adjusting the regional structure of stores, training sales and management talents, and operating brand IP offline activities and member communities. Offline service is also a camp where Ben Se and strategic partners grow together. Over the past few years, Bense has taken advantage of the rapid development of brick-and-mortar business and found a platform to effectively reach and get close to the audience. Nowadays, the growth rate of physical business is slowing down, which may contain broader development prospects after its adjustment and transformation. Ben Sei hopes to find opportunities together with partners.

In terms of online services, Bense accelerated the brand’s digitalization strategy and accelerated the construction of an online omni-channel service system. The first is to launch the “Digital Second Floor” of the brand micro-mall. For the opening of the micro-mall, Ben Sei’s idea is to build a mall with consistent data and business interoperability with offline stores, such as commodities, inventory, orders, shopping guides, and rights and interests, so that online users can experience the same services as offline stores, rather than a single plug-in. mall. The “Digital Second Floor” of Benshiwei Mall was officially launched in February 2020, realizing the original idea. After that, the flagship store of Bense Tmall was officially launched in March 2021, adding another link to the brand’s omni-channel service chain.

In 2022, Ben Se will continue to upgrade online services. In May, Bense launched the “Love in the Metaverse” activity, and the participating brand users “Meili Genie” became the first generation of “True Color Tribe” Yuan residents. At the same time, Bense released the digital collection of Elf NFT, which became the first in China. A women’s apparel brand that publishes NFT digital collections. In July, BSiEE’s newly created “Beautiful Journey” series of live broadcasts was launched on the brand’s micro-mall. It will serve as an online space for Bense to interact and communicate with users in the future, continue to present creative content and provide user services.

Undertaking the honor of “2021 High Growth Chain Brand”, Ben Se keeps exploring the possibility of future growth. This year, Ben Se will lead his design team to officially open the road of independent brand design and optimization of buyer genes; increase growth in online and offline channels; add value to brand membership rights and improve attributes including functions, emotions, and lifestyles multi-dimensional value service system, including further development of market territory, deepening strategic cooperation, and creating value for the industry and society.

Text/Fashion Media Intern Editor Yang Qirong

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