FC Bayern embarrassed themselves in the cup: Flick is annoyed, Rummenigge desperate

FC Bayern is embarrassed in the cup
Flick is annoyed, Rummenigge desperate

By Oliver Jensen, Kiel

FC Bayern Munich conceded their second competitive defeat in a row against Holstein Kiel. The second division reveals the weaknesses of Bayern’s defense in the DFB Cup. Coach Hansi Flick criticizes his team and knows: “We have to work a lot.”

This is not how Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß had imagined the trip to the far north. When it was already 11:25 p.m., they were still sitting in the windy stands in Kiel and had to endure the penalty shoot-out. Masked and wrapped in woolen blankets (and also in the design of cup opponent Holstein Kiel) they protected themselves from the cold. The sleet lashed against them.

But it wasn’t the cold that ruined the evening for CEO Rummenigge and Supervisory Board member Hoeneß. Rather, it was the surprisingly weak performance that their team offered. Despite a double lead, FC Bayern lost to Holstein Kiel 7: 8 (2: 2, 1: 1) on penalties.

Holstein Kiel – Bayern Munich 2: 2 nV (1: 1, 2: 2), 6: 5 as a result

Tore: 0: 1 Gnabry (14th), 1: 1 Bartels (37th), 1: 2 Leroy Sane (47th), 2: 2 choice (90th + 5)
Penalties shoot: Lewandowski 0: 1, choice 1: 1, Kimmich 1: 2, Arslan 2: 2, Thomas Müller 2: 3, Serra 3: 3, Alaba 3: 4, Lee 4: 4, Douglas Costa 4: 5, Hauptmann 5: 5, Gelios saves Roca penalty, Bartels 6: 5
Gelios – Dehm, Wahl, Thesker (80th Komenda), van den Bergh – Meffert (84th Serra) – Mühling (84th Arslan), Porath (77th captain) – Bartels, Lee, Mees (77th Reese); Trainer: Werner.
Munich: Neuer – Sarr (85th Pavard), Süle, Hernandez, Davies – Kimmich, Tolisso (106th Alaba) – Gnabry (90th + 2 Roca) – Musiala (74th Lewandowski), Thomas Müller, Leroy Sane (74th Douglas Costa ); Trainer: Flick.
Referee: Robert Schröder (Hanover)

“Play football, play football,” said Rummenigge repeatedly during the game. But much of what makes FC Bayern Munich what it is was not to be seen on this Wednesday evening. A successful short passing game? The targeted pass into the penalty area? Nothing! Instead, there were lots of long balls and avoidable mistakes. “What a loss of the ball …” Rummenigge quarreled.

Schweinsteiger criticizes back four

Neither the 1-0 by Serge Gnabry in the 14th minute of the game nor the 2-1 by Leroy Sané in the 48th minute gave the team security. On the contrary: The Bayern defense, which has not played to zero in the league since October 24, still proved to be vulnerable. A deep pass is enough to expose the back four. This was already the case with the 2: 3 defeat on Friday evening against Borussia Mönchengladbach and now repeated in the interim 1: 1 by the Kiel Fin Bartels in the 37th minute. The former Bayern professional and today’s ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger criticizes the defense: “When you concede, you are at the center line. It is unnecessary to stand so high.”

Coach Hansi Flick sees it differently. “It has nothing to do with a back four that is too high,” he says. Nonetheless, the goal conceded was “a pattern that we saw with many goals conceded. We mentioned that. We said that we had to secure the middle. We just didn’t do that at 1-1.” Bayern should be concerned that even a (albeit very ambitious) second division team will reveal the weaknesses of the triple winner. Kiel’s trainer Ole Werner reveals his tactics: “We had to assume that Bayern had more possession of the ball and that they would counter-press very aggressively after losing the ball in our half. This requires this high back four. Therefore, we played the balls directly in the back earlier than usual . ”

“Occupation in the box was not ideal”

Even when conceding 2-2, scored in stoppage time by Kiel captain Hauke ​​Wahl, the back team of FC Bayern did not give a good picture. “The line-up in the box was not ideal,” criticized Flick. “Right before the end of the game, I have to try to stop the flank first, otherwise clear the ball in the center and have the assignment in one-on-one.”

The offensive also had problems. It is telling that Bayern’s first goal shouldn’t have counted because of offside and that the second goal came from a free kick. “When I see the opportunities that we have created with the wings, we should have played the last pass better. We still have room for improvement,” said Flick.

The trainer doesn’t want to dwell too long on the failure: “It goes on. We have to look ahead, we have to work a lot.” The team may have gambled away the possible title defense in the DFB Cup. As the league leader in the Bundesliga and the last 16 in the Champions League, there are still chances of winning titles. Especially since the Club World Cup will take place in Qatar in February.

“Too many games, too little vacation, that’s over now”

In order to expand the trophy collection, however, the errors mentioned must be eliminated. “There are no more excuses now,” explains Flick. In any case, his team would not suffer from a lack of power reserves. “We showed over 120 minutes that we are fit and can march. Too many games, too little vacation, that’s over now. Our focus is now on our task of playing football successfully again.”

Hoeneß and Rummenigge should expect exactly that from the team. When the penalty shoot-out ended because Marc Roca missed the decisive penalty, they congratulated Kiel President Steffen Schneekloth and marched away. Meanwhile, in front of the stadium, scenes were played that are more reminiscent of a World Cup than a second-round game in the DFB Cup. With a car parade, constant honking and fireworks, the Kiel fans celebrated the surprising success of their team. “I believe that we and everyone connected to Kiel will remember this experience for many years to come,” said Holstein trainer Ole Werner.


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