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FCB captain in conversation – Stocker: experiment in the kitchen without a ball on the foot – sport



Valentin Stocker reveals what he thinks of the song of the Nati, Skype calls and vegan cuisine on the phone with Radio SRF 3.

“Every day without a ball on your foot is almost unbearable.” Valentin Stocker misses football extremely. No wonder, since he has been defining his life for almost 30 years.

But the captain of FC Basel also has plans for the Corona period. «You have to find other things that you can do. I took refuge in cooking and trying out in the kitchen. »

Bitch is new “teammate”

On his new tile-lined playground, he mainly tries vegetarian and vegan dishes. “I make bowls for ‘morning’; yesterday I had my own curry,” says Stocker, not without pride.

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In addition to a healthy diet, professional footballers also need to keep physically fit. Even the experienced stocker must adhere to the club’s guidelines. “From Monday to Saturday, endurance, strength and movement training are prescribed.” Jogging is accompanied by his dog Peggy.

That says Stocker …

  • … about contacting his team: «We created a WhatsApp group for this time. It’s always cool when someone breaks a video after a training session. »
  • … about the song by the Swiss national team: «I personally like the original better (laughs). But the campaign is nice and shows that they all have a good heart. »
  • … on his birthday on April 12: «There is probably no celebration. And Skype calls with a lot of people are not really for me. But postponed is not canceled. I am simply grateful that my surroundings and I are healthy. »

Finally, Stocker’s fitness tip for at home: «Tie your leftover sack of soil from the garden onto your back and use it to make squats. Then I hope you have as much sore muscles as I do. »


Currently not allowed to conduct on the course

Valentin Stocker.



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