Features of WhatsApp Gold modified from the original WhatsApp version and some of its drawbacks

Golden WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications that has spread widely in recent times and is preferred by many users of the WhatsApp application. It is worth noting that the advantages of WhatsApp Gold are many, and there are distinct services that are not available in the regular WhatsApp, and among these features: It is possible to show the status of the individual ( Connected), and Golden WhatsApp also hides the user’s last appearance even if he is online now. In this WhatsApp, you can also customize a reply message automatically sent to those who want to communicate with the user or call him at a time when he is busy, and the most important difference between Golden WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp is that In Gold, it is possible to change the colors of the conversations and add any pictures he wants, and this is not found in the regular WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Gold

There are many features of WhatsApp Gold that differ from the regular WhatsApp, and these features are a major reason for the popularity of WhatsApp Gold in the current days, and the large number of its users, and among these many features we find the following:

  • One of the most important features of WhatsApp Gold is that it allows its users to retrieve all messages deleted by the second party, in addition to not allowing anyone to delete messages again after they have already been sent.
  • Golden WhatsApp is distinguished by the presence of a number of modern stickers and Facebooks that are not present in the regular WhatsApp version.
  • In the golden version of WhatsApp, there is a service that automatically responds to his messages in case the user is busy, and this is done by activating the automatic reply mode.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Gold

Despite the many advantages that exist in WhatsApp Gold, it has a number of drawbacks and drawbacks, and among these shortcomings, we find the following:

  • There is a high probability that the WhatsApp Gold version is hacked, and this percentage exceeds 90%.
  • It is possible that the data will be transferred from within the golden version of WhatsApp to the application designer to be used for various advertising purposes.
  • The gold version of WhatsApp does not work as efficiently as the original version.

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