Federal negotiations: Flemish Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) draws the wrath of Groen, the Open VLD and the CD&V

Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir does not seem to want to cooperate with a possible Vivaldi.

En declaring that Flanders would not adapt its climate plan in the event of the closure of nuclear power stations by the next federal government, the Flemish Minister of Energy Zuhal Demir (N-VA) has drawn the wrath of her coalition partners Open VLD and CD &; V as well as de Groen, in the opposition.

Zuhal Demir warned on Saturday at the microphone of the program “De ochtend” on Radio 1, that the Flemish government would not adapt its climate plan if a new federal government were to plan to shut down nuclear power plants. The minister was reacting to Ecolo’s desire to close these facilities by 2025, as provided by law.

“They have to take us into account. If the federal government wants to build gas-fired power stations, it must ask Flanders for authorizations, ”she said, adding:“ we have said that the energy bill will not increase and I will stick to it ”.

If the CD&V said it was convinced that the minister would do “everything in her power to ensure an energy supply as affordable as possible”, the Christian Democrats, however, consider the file “far too sensitive to be the subject of games policies ”. “For the Minister to block permits for partisan reasons would be quite simply intolerable and contrary to the agreement of the Flemish government, which provides for rapid procedures”, reacted MP Robrecht Bothuyne.

“The more effective the cooperation between the different governments, the less the citizens will feel the impact on their wallets”, warned the Open VLD, ensuring not “to be intimidated”.

In opposition in Flanders but involved in the negotiations to form the future federal coalition, Groen also warned the minister against intolerable “political games”. “The approval of a permit for a gas power station is based on legal criteria and not on an arbitrary decision,” the party concluded.

The future of aging nuclear power plants, whose closure is legally scheduled for 2025, is the subject of discussions between potential partners of the future federal coalition Vivaldi, which would associate the CD&V with the socialist, liberal and environmental families.


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