Fence in the green

At the end of the session on Tuesday, August 4, MASI and MADEX gained 0.36% to 10,122 points and 0.39 to 8,222 points, in respective order. These two indices have recorded variations since the beginning of the year of (-16.53%) and (-16.78%) respectively.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15 a, meanwhile, gained 0.25% to 8,964 points, bringing its YTD variation to (-17.08%).

The overall volume of trade on the central market stood at 74 million dirhams, drained mainly by HPS (8.6 million dirhams).

Biggest increases

BCP took 1.23% to 229.8 DH for a volume of 5,969,591 titles. SMI took 3.96% to 2,207 DH for a volume of 851,845 titles. These were the most significant increases at that time.

Biggest drops

Morocco Telecom lost 0.85% to 138.5 DH after the exchange of 2,531,589 securities. Managem, it fell by 1.11% 893DH for a volume of 2,789,475 titles. LafargeHolcim fell 0.07% to 1,369DH 1,678,717 shares.

* Both upward and downward variations are classified in terms of volumes traded, from the largest volume to the least significant.


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