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Feng still nests to challenge 300 Boom?Lin Zhisheng FA topic is high

▲Lin Zhisheng, CITIC Brothers. (Photo/Brother provided)

The 32-year CPBL season is over. It is expected to announce the list of free agents (FA) on the 6th. At present, many major players and star players of the team are eligible to exercise. Among them, the CITIC brothers “big brother” Lin Outwit is highly topical.

Lin Zhisheng exercised his free agent qualifications in 2016 and signed a three-year contract with CITIC Brothers for 36 million yuan, an incentive bonus of up to 3 million yuan, and a total of up to 45 million yuan.

However, Lin Zhisheng has experienced some situations after coming to the brothers. In addition to the emergence of brothers, Lin Zhisheng has not played as many games in recent years as before. In 2019, he signed a 1+1 contract with CITIC Brothers, with a monthly salary of about 400,000 yuan, a post-season contract. maturity.

Lin Zhisheng played a wave of high-end at the end of the season. The total number of career home runs in his vocational career was 289 hits to tie the former Weiquan and Xingnongqiang star Zhang Taishan. If his physical condition remains stable in 2022, he has a good chance of breaking through 300 hits. high.

The 39-year-old Lin Zhisheng’s player career is gradually coming to an end. If there is a chance to return to his former club Peach Ape (now Peach Ape Lotte) and his teammates from the previous consecutive hegemony period to complete 300 bombs, it must be a good talk in the history of professional baseball. Next, let’s see how Lin Zhisheng and his management team are strategizing. All Taiwanese baseball fans will pay attention to it.

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Feng still nests to challenge 300 Boom?Lin Zhisheng FA topic is high
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