Fernández Noroña supported Nora Ruvalcaba de Loret de Mola: “She will be the next governor of Aguascalientes”

Noroña defended Ruvalcaba (photo: Cuartoscuro/Latinus/Twitter)

The morenista candidate for the governorship of Aguascalientes, Nora Ruvalcaba, decided in days gone by attack the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola in past days due to a report in which he is pointed out coerce votes through public servants in the state.

Given these remarks, the candidate for the party National Regeneration Movement (Morena), disqualified what was presented by the journalist, mentioning in a video on his social networks that the journalist was doing a dirty campaign against him.

Therefore, Loret de Mola responded on his Twitter account that instead of refuting his claims, “she insults me, slanders me, and invents conspiracies… Just like her boss“, Referring to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

And in the face of these remarks, the deputy for the labor party (PT) and defender of the government of AMLO and his project called the Fourth Transformation (4T), Gerardo Fernandez Norona supported Ruvalcaba.

Loret de Mola pointed out that Ruvalcaba coerced votes (Photo: Instagram/carlosloret)
Loret de Mola pointed out that Ruvalcaba coerced votes (Photo: Instagram/carlosloret)

Through his official Twitter social network account, the controversial deputy ironically pointed out that Loret spoke the truth “for once in his life”, Well, like AMLO, he assured that Nora would win the elections in the state.

“Loretito says that @Nora_Ruvalcaba is the same as the fellow president @lopezobrador_. For once in his life @CarlosLoret speaks truthfully! That is why we are going to win and Nora will be the next governor of Aguascalientes”

It should be noted that the deputy has supported the candidacy of Ruvalcaba moving to the state, attending his rallies and participating in press conferences, which he has commented on through his Twitter account.

(photo: @fernandeznoroña)
(photo: @fernandeznoroña)

And it is not the first time that she has responded to what was stated by the communicator, because on May 20, she wrote that the reason they are intriguing her is because she is winning the elections.

“If you are already intriguing against @Nora_Ruvalcaba, it is that my friend and partner in struggle will be the next governor of Aguascalientes. Good! #Loretito @CarlosLoret”, wrote the deputy.

The journalist presented a video report in which it was mentioned that the candidate, through public officials of the Welfare Secretariathave threatened beneficiaries to coerce votes in their favor.

This is because the candidate was a delegate of Programs for Social Development of the Ministry of Welfare in Aguascalientes from 2021 to 2022, which facilitated access to the list of beneficiaries.

The brunette attacked Loret (photo: @Nora_Ruvalcaba)
The brunette attacked Loret (photo: @Nora_Ruvalcaba)

“The only thing missing was to clarify that it is an infomercial paid for by the PRIAN. I want to ask Carlos Loret how much money did he receive for publishing this montage?”, indicated the candidate in a video published on her social networks of around one minute forty.

“That is why he speaks at this moment of Aguascalientes. What is really happening is that the PRIAN leaders thought they could win this state, but reality caught up with them. What is your fear?

And he ended by affirming that both in the state and in the country, the opposition is morally defeated “Smile, we are going to win”.

On the other hand, several of the possible candidates for the presidency for the presidential chair in 2024 for Morena, they traveled to different states to give their support to the state candidates of Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Aguascalientes.

Among them, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) went on tour this Saturday, Marcelo Ebrardwho accompanied Nora Ruvalcaba in her campaign events in Aguascalientesalthough he did not have the same reception as the other two morenistas, Claudia Sheinbaum y Adam Augusto Lopez.


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